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and now for our periodical 'I'm not dead yet' post XDD

had to avoid the temptation of listening to the album songs before mine arrived *except for the PV of course* and surprisingly I managed even w/ ppl saying how good it was over and over on twitter

to be honest I liked it a lot

much better than the prev one

I think my fave solo is Aiba's OO I know, I know, Nino's is genius as usual, but I end up feeling a bit sad and kinda lonely after hearing it :/ *still don't know what THE MOM thinks about it*


sooo I read the rumour thing about Jun's butai... a boxer?! really? *blinks in disbelief*

I'm sorry I just can't picture him as one XD;; *hides*

oh and a fall drama for Shosus, right? I just hope the story is good I haven't watched dramas in a while *stuck in ep 4 of Jin 2* instead, I've been watching Horrible Histories *I'm sorry but it is soooo good, sometimes I only have the eps playing in the back XD*

I also started to watch Band of Brothers :) and uh Damian Lewis is in there, which made me wanna watch the Forsyte sag again and... well, I am XD;;  *I think I may have a thing for Soames oO*

oh oh I got a good reads account, so if anyone wants to add me or something here

I got a bit frustrated cuz sometimes when I check an author and found like a ton of stuff I haven't read and then look for the books on the uh local bookstores and most of the time they don't have them ._. *sigh* I know I can get them for the ipad but my eyes get tired :(

boo hoo

well, nothing else

See ya!!

*considering trying to work on the rest of the strips cuz apparently ppl miss them XD;;*
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