Jun. 5th, 2014 07:58 pm
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Goodness, super looong time no see huh?

but I really didn't have anything interesting to say, however; these few weeks have been slightly more eventful and since [livejournal.com profile] ginger_ame asked and I didn't want to whine and rant in her blog *manners, Nianna* I decided to update here

Soooo let's see

there was a world culture fair some days ago and THE MOM convince me to go, mainly because I barely go out *I'm kind of a hermit* and I'm glad she did, my stupid pain had been getting a bit worse, for the most part just holding my head up was getting tiresome *I know it sounds weird, but it's the truth, I kept trying to rest it against something most of the time because of that* I wonder if I need to wear the collar again... DX

anyway, I got to get a short thai massage *best thing ever* (they didn't have proper installations that's why it had to be short) it hurt a lot and my masseuse was having a hard time trying to soften my muscles XD;;; she even said I have 'man tendons' cuz they were like super hard XD;; and she tried to crack my neck and back but nope

it helped a bit, but after a while I was in more pain *go me* but it was uhhh... good pain? like when you finish exercising kind of pain

THE MOM got one too and she was fine afterwards! *seriously body, you suck*

I also got to try some yummy food and macarons!! FINALLY!! I've seen lots of pics and they look delicious but I had never had the chance to try them so yay! :D

I went back for another massage a few days later and this time the masseuse (this time it was another woman) managed to crack my neck *cue angelic music* I've tried over and over to do it to no avail and now I finally felt rested

now, sad stuff

some days ago we had to put to sleep one if my cockatiels, we found him badly hurt and have absolutely no idea what happened to him...

THE MOM said perhaps a mouse got in and attacked him... *the cats couldn't have been because the parrots are in a room outside the house and the kitties are allowed outside only if someone can keep an eye on them, so they haven't even met them*

The vet said he probably had internal damage because he was crying in pain and there wasn't much to be done so the better option was to end his pain

*oh dear, waterworks again*

he was 15

now his brother is the last of the family and he looks so lonely it breaks my heart ;_;

if it really was a mouse and I find it I can't promise I won't go all bersek on him DX

well... uhhh

I think it's time for some Arashi stuff

it's been a while since the last time I had a new song on repeat

c'mon guess which one

love wonderland

it's super catchy!! makes me wish this was the one with a PV instead of GUTS! *I don't know why but it doesn't give me the Arashi vibe* *hides*

and I'm still waiting for my concert DVD

so yeah, that's pretty much it

See ya!
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