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2014-06-05 07:58 pm
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Goodness, super looong time no see huh?

but I really didn't have anything interesting to say, however; these few weeks have been slightly more eventful and since [ profile] ginger_ame asked and I didn't want to whine and rant in her blog *manners, Nianna* I decided to update here

ranty rant )
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2012-11-14 09:46 pm

Christmas cards


I don't know if anyone still reads this since I barely post

however, if you'd like a card from me please PM your address and fave member :)
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2012-01-07 03:03 pm
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First post


I'm finally here!!!

some of you already know me from vox or Aibakaland*waves* but for the ones who don't :
I'm yet another Arashi fan ^______^

to be honest I don't have the latest news, nor vids, neither scans... *apart from the ones I dl ^^UU*

so what does she has??? *you may ask ^^UU*

well, I do fanart

fanstrips to be more exact ^^

yes this is the best I can give to the community and I love doing them!!!

this is one of my faves

and if you like it feel free to join me in my crazy world!!!

Note: if you want me to add you plz leave a comment here!!! 

btw, I'm not adding blank LJs



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2012-01-01 12:12 am
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New Year


so I wanted to wait for the arrival of the new year here to wish everyone a


and then just a few minutes ago... the news of the earthquake -_-


I just hope no one got hurt


have a


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2011-12-24 11:52 pm

Merry A'mas and Happy X'mas


is still a few minutes until x'mas here, so I wanna wish you all a


to all those who celebrate it and



Mr. hand pain and Da neck are giving me my present early, since right now the pain is almost perceptible so YAY! :D

See ya!!
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2011-11-29 10:38 pm

Cards! cards!

Who wants some x'mas/a'mas cards?

made by me, that is :)

just PM me your address and fave member

*I'll write my Nazotoki review a bit later or tomorrow*

See ya!!

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2011-07-21 01:54 am
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Don't touch me, I don't know where you've been


and now for our periodical 'I'm not dead yet' post XDD

had to avoid the temptation of listening to the album songs before mine arrived *except for the PV of course* and surprisingly I managed even w/ ppl saying how good it was over and over on twitter

to be honest I liked it a lot

much better than the prev one

I think my fave solo is Aiba's OO I know, I know, Nino's is genius as usual, but I end up feeling a bit sad and kinda lonely after hearing it :/ *still don't know what THE MOM thinks about it*


sooo I read the rumour thing about Jun's butai... a boxer?! really? *blinks in disbelief*

I'm sorry I just can't picture him as one XD;; *hides*

oh and a fall drama for Shosus, right? I just hope the story is good I haven't watched dramas in a while *stuck in ep 4 of Jin 2* instead, I've been watching Horrible Histories *I'm sorry but it is soooo good, sometimes I only have the eps playing in the back XD*

I also started to watch Band of Brothers :) and uh Damian Lewis is in there, which made me wanna watch the Forsyte sag again and... well, I am XD;;  *I think I may have a thing for Soames oO*

oh oh I got a good reads account, so if anyone wants to add me or something here

I got a bit frustrated cuz sometimes when I check an author and found like a ton of stuff I haven't read and then look for the books on the uh local bookstores and most of the time they don't have them ._. *sigh* I know I can get them for the ipad but my eyes get tired :(

boo hoo

well, nothing else

See ya!!

*considering trying to work on the rest of the strips cuz apparently ppl miss them XD;;*
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2011-05-04 12:50 am

It is known


so yeaaaah lots of things happened last week...

hmm... I think it's better to rant on another post, for now I just wanted to leave this

I hope you're the only one who thinks that Oh-chan cuz it is known what happens to piñatas right?  <--- see what I did there? XD

when I was a kid I used to cry when the one dad bought me got broken, *he always got one for me and one for my brother* and my relatives used to tease me about that :(

I don't know why, I mean I knew that's the point but I still felt horrible :/

anyway, please DO NOT REPOST


*pssst, comments are loved*

See ya!!!
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2011-04-20 12:58 am



ah... nothing really interesting, I just got my butai DVD *yay!* and I'm still waiting for the Ooku one :/

I was gonna wait for it to arrive to watch but I believe it won't be here till next week and by then I'm pretty sure I'd have lost all interest, so I'm dling it

oh oh I watched Game of Thrones *as pretty much everyone, I think XD* and I really liked it! I'm gonna give the audiobook another chance, *I left it cuz the narrator was a bit monotonous for my taste* when I finish the other books I'm heareading :)

and uh... since [ profile] lsirial  allowed me, I'm sharing her wallie request

*tbh I like this one more than the previous one XD;;*

800x600      1024x768     1280x960

as usual


also comments are appreciated

See ya!
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2011-04-12 11:08 pm




I’m glad ppl enjoyed the strip, even when I’m out of practice XD;;


not really important )


let’s try to cheer up w/the last Kaibutsustrip :D YAAAY!! *won’t be doing one about the SP because I’m just that lazy I already started the Natsuniji ones*



err since the cap would only come off when he figured how to defeat Demokin... does that mean he wasn't able to wash his hair? >< eww


soo, how’s everyone? I hope better than me

See ya!!

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2011-04-08 09:24 pm

*blink, blink* Are those really back?!


I'm dling last VSA because to be honest I don't watch shows live anymore, except dramas *bad Nianna! bad Nianna!*

anyway, as I said I've been working on new strips *coughre-watchingdramascough* poor me, I suffer and suffer XD and I have also been thinking about the 2 days thing...

now, I usually get now and then someone who wants to read past strips and I have to put my mean face and say sorry, and afterwards I feel horrible because well, they ask really nicely and all that

I understand it's not always possible to check stuff in two days and I don't really have and schedule so ppl don't know when I'm gonna post *I don't even know either XD;;* 

therefore I thought that I could give another try and leave them open like it used to be *like the old times *sniff**

that said

Demokin's adventures in Narnia!! XD  *I'd watch that*

so I'm just asking to NOT REPOST

pretty please?

also comments are appreciated

guess that's it, hope everyone is ok

See ya!!

btw [ profile] satosuki  I've been dling a bunch of Monkey Majik stuff and it's totally your fault :Db
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2011-03-11 10:11 pm
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Selling myself

soooo jumped in the fundraiser bandwagon at [ profile] arashi_on

as you know I can only offer fanart, so if you're interested my thread is here

thanks! :)

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2011-01-01 12:02 am

Happy New Year!!

I want to wish everyone an

Arashiawase New Year!!

I hope this new year turns out to be a great one :D
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2010-12-07 12:30 am
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Tangled icons

Because I have nothing better to do...

sliiighlty spoilery )
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2010-09-03 08:54 pm
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┬┐Amigo o enemigo?


ah if you want me to add you here plz comment w/your vox name so I know who you are

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2010-08-26 10:45 pm
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Moar moar icons

   2     3     4     5    

   7     8     9     10

credit is nice but not necessary

past entries

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2010-08-20 02:04 am
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More text icons

    2      3     4

    6     7     8


credit is nice but not necessary

working on Lestrade's... he's difficult! :(
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2010-08-19 10:37 pm


as you know, it's my new obsession :)


c'mon it's nice and you know that you wanna

I'm part of Team sexy Holmes *in case you wanted to know*
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2010-08-17 01:20 am
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Watson text icons

Hmm... not sure if these are as good as Sherlock's :(

    2      3      4

    6       7      8

credit is nice but not necessary :)