Apr. 20th, 2011 12:58 am
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ah... nothing really interesting, I just got my butai DVD *yay!* and I'm still waiting for the Ooku one :/

I was gonna wait for it to arrive to watch but I believe it won't be here till next week and by then I'm pretty sure I'd have lost all interest, so I'm dling it

oh oh I watched Game of Thrones *as pretty much everyone, I think XD* and I really liked it! I'm gonna give the audiobook another chance, *I left it cuz the narrator was a bit monotonous for my taste* when I finish the other books I'm heareading :)

and uh... since [livejournal.com profile] lsirial  allowed me, I'm sharing her wallie request

*tbh I like this one more than the previous one XD;;*

800x600      1024x768     1280x960

as usual


also comments are appreciated

See ya!
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so as you know I have this sick thing of somehow relate a lot of stuff to the guys, right?

well, this is the latest addition

I'm so gonna buy one of those!! if I find them here *I'm still working on who the other 2 are XDD*

See ya!!

so *ahem* now you know how I'm calling him from now on, don't you? XDD *hides*


Jun. 10th, 2010 12:26 am
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sooo let's see... got a package from Maelis *THANKS AGAIN :D*

got my SnY and I haven't opened it yet *as usual*

we got news about Shosus :D but reading the info I guess we won't get any hospital action... like operations and stuff ): hmmm how sad, I love that XD;;

oh and more scenes of GANTZ!! :D  I'm sooooo excited about it, it's more my type of thing XD;;

besides that, nothing interesting I believe...

is anyone excited about the World Cup?

ooooh songs of the post

another nice ver

Everybody wants to be a cat

btw the weird sounds are kitty sounds <3

and a remix :3

I wan'na be like you

uh I think I'm running out of exciting covers... does anyone mind if I keep uploading the bossanova stuff?? it's really nice but I don't want to bother anyone D:


ewww ><

uh... I don't think this combination works XDD;;

btw don't get used to me uploading strips that often XDD

*locked in 2 days*

See ya!!

Kawaiii....LOL! Riida so cute.:)

Yeah it pays to be OCD. XD

XD!!!! O-chan/Kaibutsu-kun is really just looking out for the well-being of his fellow members :3 Since he is after all Riida ;D Gotta love how Aiba-chan doesn't question what is this "delicious" item placed in his cereal. Very trusting :3 then again who can say no to that cute face of O-chan. XD!!!!

Thanks for sharing this :) <33 *giggles at the strip some more*
Hahaha! Poor, poor Aiba. I love his shocked face when he tastes his cereal with the 'special' ingredient! XD

cereal with raw eggs??

uhm... yeah. XD

hahahahahahaha!!!!!! WIN!
hahaha nianna... i thought he added curry. but raw egg is much better!


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1060       1061       1062

1063       1064       1065

1066       1067       1068

1069       1070       1071

1072       1073       1074

1075       1076       1077

1078       1079       1080

1081       1082       1083

1084       1085       1086

1087       1088       1089

1090       1091       1092

1093       1094       1095

1096       1097       1098

1099       1100       1101

1102       1103       1104

1105       1106       1107

1108       1109       1110

1111       1112       1113

1114       1115       1116

1117       1118       1119

1120       1121       1122

1123       1124       1125 

1126       1127       1128

1129       1130       1131

1132       1133       1134

1135       1136       1137

1138       1139       1140

1141       1142       1143

1144       1145       1146

1147       1148       1149

1150       1151       1152

1153       1154       1155

1156       1157       1158

1159       1160       1161

1162       1163      

as usual no need to ask for permission but comments are love :D

See ya!!
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sooo as I said now I'm hooked into BBC radio shows, right now I'm listening to a drama adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles :D

ok, now  for something completely different and to add yet another *I was listening to a podcast* series

this time I was listening to one about how art has been linked to humanity since long ago between other stuff... and how much we value to possess original art *when possible obviously* rather than reproductions, and this is because we feel as if we can connect with the artist mind at some level

this made me think about another podcast about webcomics and there's a guy who sent a question to the show asking how they manage with reader mail and hate mail, if they have some sort of *answer ready to send* or something like that, since he spends so much time answering to his

so the guys were talking about how much they prefer short and sweet mails with something like  *thanks for your hard work, I love your strip* rather than long messages and how they usually ignore the hate mail

but they also were talking about how... weird is when they get messages that are something like *I have been reading your strip for a long time and I'm not satisfied at how things have been going lately, so unless you change this I'm not gonna read it anymore*  "not exactly the words but that's the idea"

and they were saying things along the lines of *who do you think you are to tell me what I can or can't do with my strip?!* but let's put that aside and something that really got me *I didn't know you even existed*

which brought back to my mind yet another podcast hosted by a couple, and I was thinking when they were telling his experience of meeting/interviewing some of the cast of MST3K *if you don't know what that is, google is your friend* and how weird it was at first for them cuz they didn't know how to conduct themselves, specially the woman cuz she said she was there expecting some sort of super friendly almost family welcoming and how she was thinking *c'mon guys, it's us!!* because she's been watching them for so long, that it felt as if those ppl were family

so I was thinking about all that *I know it's too much...* and the strips, because now and then I get some comments from you telling me that the strip of that day made your day better... or how you've been reading those for months and how much you like them

and this is nice and a little strange for me, cuz sometimes that's the only message I get from some of you like, ever

so it makes me feel good and perhaps a little guilty because it's like *wow this girl has been following my silly strips for so long and I didn't know she existed!! oO* and at some level I feel guilty for not knowing that, I know it's impossible to know who's reading, but still...

however, is nice to know that even when you don't say a word, you're still there; laughing with me...

*or at me, but I prefer to think is with me*

so I just want to say:


and now I believe what will be the very last strip of the year

is good to know it's just a *little* advice

*as usual locked in 2 days*

See ya!!!   

heheh.. sho is gonna have his own dorama soon XDD
ps I am still here on and off ;D thanks for the comic and all! *hugs*
awwww~ how thoughtful of masaki...XDDDD
and since shosuki loves to read...XDDD
thanks for this dear♥
how is your hand now? ^_^
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Hi!! soo BA was good, but the thing I hate it's that it started too early for me, hence I was quite tired when the guys finally performed DX

theeeen congrats to Shosus Saint Man of the year!! :D

whose turn will be next year??

uhh today's VSA was ok, hmmm I like how Squishy and uh Meisa look together...

ahh soo I was thinking about finally watching MG... when tartaruga139 talked about an LJ comm and I saw the confidentials posted there... now I have more DW to watch!!! :D  *thanks btw*


but don't worry, I felt too guilty and finally re-watched MG on high speed just to have an idea of what was going on ^^;;  sorry Masakimune-kun

have both!! :D

but... Masakimune-kun, I don't think your problem can be solved the same way... ^^;;

*as usual locked in 2 days*

btw I have a few ideas for... something, but I need a liiittle help from someone who knows DW better than me... anyone?? plz??

See ya!!!

55555555+++ I like how O-chan thinks too ^^~
Very cute, Thank you ne~
heh cute cute!! XD
i love these two calmness members combi when they together...so simple minded ;3

LOL <3 the advice. XD There is always a simple answer for everything with O-chan. XD But that's probably why he's always so zen about things. Heehee. Totally <3 the new strip!!!

Thanks for sharing.

that's good... if you can't decide, have both! haha... oh-chan...
Good choice Oh-chan! ^^ Cute strip! ^___^b
hahahaha~ i missed seeing your work nianna♥


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I knoooow I know
ok, I really don't have an excuse this time ^^;;;
except... except... ten is really cute and funny... and...and... I can't stop watching him... *hides*

I still need to re-watch MG for the next strip but I don't really feel like doing so... D:

awww c'mon Shonderella, you look lovely!!! XDD

*as usual, locked in 2 days*

oh just for the record, Aiba-chan in today's VSA... EPIC

See ya!!

Shonderella is too cute XD

So cute!!!!

Is Aiba the Prince Charming or just the fairy godmother?

OMG XD Aiba working his magic again. LOL Poor Sho-kun. A victim yet again. Hahahaha. At least its a dress and not nekkid-ness ;D Kekekeke. He looks adorable in it. <3333

Thanks for sharing this nianna-chan!!! <3

i thought aiba removed sho's clothes... XDDD...

i like shonderella's clothes. it fits him...
sho is sooo CUTE :DD
LOL. I just love your strips!!!! Poor Sho-kun...^_^
Hahah! Sho's face is priceless! XD


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so FNS today huh??
and don't tell me you haven't seen it cuz it's practically everywhere... ^^;;;
wow fangirls, I had a lot of trouble trying to watch it since KH kept kicking me out *overload of viewers* so I missed the part with Ogura :/

and I want Arashi to sing more covers!! *_________*

now, all my tweeps know how much I've been struggling to do the strip, due to my currently unhealthy obsession with Dr. Who ^^;;;

I don't want a new Doctoooooor!!! I love 10th!!! DX
*ahem* sorry about that XD;;;

oh yeah and I didn't get any sleep so a few hours ago I was checking a comm and I got this *OMG Nianna you are so silly* idea... that made me giggle like... well, just giggle a lot

I'll just say it has to do with Arashi and the little bit before the X'mas SP of 3rd season
I'm sure someone will get it and roll her eyes XD

I fought, struggled and all that with the need to watch more Dr. *did I mention I'm obsessed??* to give you this

ahh... I'm not sure he heard the *fake* part XDD

oh and about Shosus being in MG, not so long ago I was talking with some of my tweeps about how much I wanted it to happen cuz Koharu-chan needs a mom XDDD
*gets bricked*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

See ya!!

[this is good]
HAHAHHA my girl pv n my girl drama crossover!

5555555555555+++ Nino, you're so mean!! 555555555++
Thank you for sharing this cute & funny cartoon
XDDDD... one of your best yet...
it's been so long i'd seen this..*blame absent minded*
Nino will always be Nino,,,and Leader just muted there is <3 ^^
bratty nino and do-what-u-wanna-do oh-chan..
bwahahahah!!!! this is real funny!!
i can imagine act like this.
oh neener... so mean XD
[this is good]

nino you brat! XDDD

LOL he's such a brat while O-chan carries his usual self defined leadership mentality, "whatever floats your boat....I'll support you from the background quietly" XD

Thanks for sharing the strip Nianna-chan. <3

[das ist gut]
nino!!! lols.. u r so meann xDD


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soo cosplay!!! :D
and uh I wanted Shosus to be the ballerina cuz... he has nice legs XDD;;
*gets bricked*
hum so new uh... thing I'll probably be ranting about??
Dr. Who
ah to be honest I watched the first ep of the 9th some months ago and I just thought it was ok, but not something I MUST WATCH!!!
fail of... half the year!!! :Db
and there this podcast *another podcast* and uh the guys there sometimes flail about it sooooo I thought I'll give it another chance, at least to have an idea of what they're talking about
so eh... << >> I sorta finished the first season in like... 2 days
uh yeah... XD;;;

ok, ok, I bet you don't care about this so... strip!!

I wonder who is Masakimune-kun's coach... XDDD

*btw the other one is Squishy, wanted to try something so they won't look as if they're kissing... not that easy with the chibi heads XDD*

*as usual, locked in 2 days*

See ya!!!

no!! that's just an excuse!!! XDDDDD

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so uh yesterday I got my CD :D


and I was expecting it for tomorrow... hmmm maybe Mr. Postman decided to be super nice cuz today is postman day
nevermind he has been quite nice despite the post here usually sucks
and uh yet again making the strip between shows ^^;;;

I wonder if that plush dog is a good influence XDD;;;

*again, locked in 2 days*

btw does anyone know if there's an Arashi captions comm?? I've been hooked on the lolcats and I was wondering if there was something similar...

See ya!!
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after super whiny moment...

I was happy watching VSA,  then KH crashed and now it doesn't want to log in, but I did managed to finish this on time :D

I'll be more concerned if there was an Aibanosaurus running around everywhere XDDD

*as usual, locked in 2 days*

See ya!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA jun's expression is so cute XDDD
[this is good]
Your clips are always awesome. Sorry for not being around much, I'll behave and comment more. How are ya? I hope the pain's aren't bothering you anymore.
Oh, if the origami dinobunny comes to life, take pictures so I can see it ^____^
[this is good]
kawaaaaaaiiii!!! I love this! XD
Hahahaha! If that isn't a ferocious dinosaur I don't know what else could it be XD


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and now... another stupid gif story :D




Oh, hi Aiba-chan!!!


what are you thinking??

could it be about the 10th Arashiversary??


I knew it!!! :D


yup Shosus, 10 years!!!


hee hee

ah hi Squishy *ahem* Matsujun


so we were just flailing about your Arashiversary...


yeah... aren't you proud??


oh c'mon, don't be modest...


that's the spirit!! :D


yes Riidaa 10th... where have you been??!! oO


ok... maybe we don't wanna know

Nino... where's Nino??



I can see you behind those hamburger hands, you know?? -_-

and I was just gonna make a congratulatory post and paste some sexy gifs of all of you and then we can go celebrate!! :D

show him Riidaa


ok fine, not exactly your usual sexy... unless you prefer something like this instead:


cute huh??


see?? I told you

ah... seem Sho-chan already started his celebration




yeah I agree...


what?? I didn't said anything!!  *...yet* XD;;;

c'mon Nino, I'll even pay for your drinks!! 



ok, Aiba found the solution XDD

Riidaa... Riidaa!!!


you were still wondering where you've been??

anyway, Aiba-chan is already dragging Nino so we better go


ok Stormettes, hope you have a nice Arashiversary day!!! :Db



I was planning on doing this later but today I gotta go to visit Neurodoc and I don't know how that's gonna go... so better to do it earlier, right??

hope you don't mind yet another one of this nonsensical little stories, but I had nothing better to post to celebrate

as usual no need to ask for permission, but comments are appreciated!!! :D

See ya!!!

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so today was Sho-chan telling why he wanted to get involved in news casting or something like that *sorry but that was too early and my brain can't process thing properly at that hour*

then we had Matsucaster :D a re-cap of some past odoroki and uh... oh yeah DnA *he one when they went to the zoo* but no Ni no Arashi!!! DX that's the best part!!!

not much besides that... I think Shosus is finally trying to kill me or something cuz now not only I have the problem with Mr. Hand pain and Da neck, also I've got the flu aaaaand today I was picking up the keys when one of the puppy girls was on Aiba mode cuz she wanted to go out and hit me in the eye with her head...

now my eye feels weird and keeps getting teary, hope it's just that and I don't need to wear a patch or something D:  how appropriate!!! just around Halloween!!! and with the collar I won't need a costume anymore!!! :D


oh yeah

we know Shosus, we know *pats head*

*as usual, locked in 2 days*

now I have to see if I get something for Riida or I just focus on MG

See ya!!!

*tried to find a pic of the Kriptonite Prime Minister but no luck :(*


Hahahahaha! Poor Sho! But I think I'd also laugh with Aiba and Nino in the same situation! XD

I hope you get better soon!
LOL!! aww but I love Shosus drawing so much!
poor sho... but then, i'd laugh too! ^^
one reason i love sho is his confidence in his drawings...kawaii!!! hehehehe that was really nice and funny, arigatou nianna-chan!!! :D
i'm still laughiing at this one ^___^ I hope Sho draws Totoro w/ Mei chan again.
Thank you so much.
that doesn't seem right...nyahahaha~
shosuki...i'm sure koharu will be waaaaaay better than you!!

5 4 3!!!

Oct. 20th, 2009 02:27 am
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I bet eeeeveryone has already seen THAT and there are gonna be millions of gifs of the thing...
and since it started quite early I was doubting if I should get up to watch, thankfully my OCDness was stronger that my need to sleep, therefore I was giggling like silly when I saw it and then I spent Ihavenoideahowmuchtime repeating and repeating the thing...


I'll post more tomorrow...

on other news I deduced that all the crankiness was just product of the lack of rainbows we've been having lately... it was like going on detox I think ><

uh not much really, we also had the 2nd part of Mao's AnS and uhh a small preview to the odoroki SP...

buuuuuuuut there, just cuz

ohhh Riida how much do I love messing with you... ^^;;;

*again locked in 2 days*

See ya!!


XDDDD I love this!!!!
HAHAHAH!! poor Ohno and Shosus *pats* XDDD
aiba + lil prankster = disaster XDDD
that's really cute!!
*giggle fits* thanks for this one nianna..*squish*
[this is good]

btw, I miss Ni no Arashi...

it's funny and cute as ever. thank you so much for this. ^_^
ahh, so cute!!! Masamune-kun + braiding scene was adorable!!
Thank you for sharing these!! XD
awww! lol i love this!
LOLLLLL... that's hilarious. Ohno looks good with the clips. And yes, I would love Ni no Arashi to be back!
oh shochan you're just too weak to your darlings bwahaha.
hehehehe that was soooo funny and cute. aaaawww ohno-kun, nino arashi is not back, nino is just giving you an option for your next hairstyle. Nice strip again nianna-chan, as always!! thanks for sharing. :D

*stiffles her urge to burst out laughing in the office* X3 Sho-kun worrying as per usual in regards to what our lil prankster has in store while O-chan accepts the situation and tries to make the best out of it, LOL. He does look cute on those barrettes. Heehee.

Thanks Nianna-chan for sharing this!!!! :)

So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! And perfect!


But woe! Somehow I missed strip #65? How could this happen? WOE!

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I believe pretty much everyone has already seen Masakimune-kun, right??

it was oh so cuticle!!! ^^

uhh yeah...

<<   >>

I had 2 ideas for the first one but my tweeps voted for this one so if you don't like it... blame them *kidding*

because real men wear pink... and use ladybug decorated stuff XDDD

*remember, locked in 2 days*

ahh I don't know if I should try to make strips for Riida's mini drama too... since it's too short... :/

See ya!!!

i want one too!
[this is good]
BHAHAHAHAH!! I wish the drama were as funny as this.. they should have include Nino in for some smartass cracking XDD
[this is good]
HAHAHA!!! adorable:DDD "i want one"
yea!! new strips!! Ladybug eraser FTW. I want one, too! XD
Thanks for this Nianna, I love your new banner, too!!
i want that too!!!
count me in! lol xD

ladybug's manly alright. XDD

good to see the comic strips' back. ^^

hahaha! Trying to be manly and all yet Nino-chan secretly wants one XD. Ah the justification heehee....<3

Such a cute strip nianna-chan. :3 Thanks for sharing it!!!!!
i want the lady bug and the man who make it!lols

so cute ne,,
and for arashi, everything are manly ^___^
awww nino!! cute one. ^___^
Hahahahaha! Cute! =D
me wants one!!! haha... i jsut bnoticed aiba-chan's new hair strands!!!



Sep. 26th, 2009 01:25 am
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so nothing interesting for today... missed Junstyle and as far as I know there wasn't VSA ._.

new term starts and it's a little weird cuz for a while it has always started at the same time as dramas do... I'm a little nervous as usual, but at least now I'm not afraid of the male sensei XDD

uh... as I said I'm trying to get new ideas and ah... this one came up yesterday and

it's stupid

so no need for you to tell me, I already know

buuuuut sometimes and idea keeps popping up till I make it, so yeah...

I bet the drama thingie would have been better with a scene like this *w/o Aiba-chan* meh you get the idea

as usual, locked in 2 days

See ya!!!


LMAO!!!! oh aiba! XD
hahahahaha! classic!
That's so funny, thanks for sharing!
XD Oh Aiba-chan!!! He just killed the sweetness in Nino-chan's song. HAHAHAHA. Only Aiba-chan can do that and yet invoke laughter.

Thanks for sharing this!!! =3
Hey! It's a good idea and solves the question perfectly! ^___~
Aiba is a genius!
Haha, Aiba!! XD

Crazy gifs

Jul. 2nd, 2009 01:13 am
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949       950       951

952       953       954

955       956       957

958       959       960

961       962       963

964       965       966

967       968       969

970       971       972

973       974       975

976       977       978

979       980       981

982       983       984

985       986       987

988       989       990

991       992       993

994       995       996

997       998       999

1000       1001      

1002       1003      

1004       1005

1006       1007      

1008       1009      

1010       1011

1012       1013      

1014       1015      

1016       1017

1018       1019      

1020       1021      

1022       1023

favourite nino moment ^^
awesome gifs! they have some cool dance moves in this one/ looks great!
niannarashi: (bored)
who missed this stuff??? XDD

a reminder: since the gifs are from different super old shows *it could be 2 different HnoA or 3 shukudais plus other stuff*  plz don't ask me from where they come; cuz as soon as I finish them I usually erase the file from my lap and I don't want to keep going back to my HD just to find the number of a gif, ok?? *ahm... don't get mad??*

since it's been quite a while since I posted some this kind of stuff, you can expect it to be... meh... 




Soooo I happen to know today was a special day for a certain someone...


ohh you know who am I talking about, right Nino??

please don't try to hide it!! 


we know today was Ninostar's b-day kyu kyu edition!!


ok ok I know I'm late posting this!!! *Shosus...*


anyway... I wanna know what did you got from the guys...


ohh you went bowling with the Don?? nice...   *Don Matsurleone, for those who don't know*

what about you, Aiba-chan??


don't "eh?" me!!! what did you got Nino??

don't tell me... you forgot it??


Shosus... you did remember, right??


you know... Nino's birthday??


typical failure...


oh yeah... now you're embarrased!!!

at least I know Oh-chan got him something, right Riida??


*ahem* we can see you, you know?? -_-

what did you got Nino??


Nino!!! you know... the prankster, gamer, magician, super actor...


you've got to be kidding me...

the guy who grops your butt... that Nino??


oh that  you remember!!! -_- 


you were just teasing me!!!   *you two spent too much time together...*

so tell us what did you got him??


I am... not sure he's gonna like that XD;;;


see?? it even scared Sho!!! *not that he is the bravest of the five...*


sorry, but no day is complete w/o picking on you *get's bricked*

*sigh*  I guess you'll only have air cake this year Nino...


hope it tastes good!!! XDD


but don't worry... seems it's just a bad dream!!!


ok no Nino was abused in such way in real life... I hope XDD;;;

I did this cuz I was bored and I had those gifs around...

*gets massively bricked* 

See ya!!!

*no need to ask for permission to use*

[this is good]

Ha...! I love this sooo much, I haven't been able to get on Vox in ageeeessss 'cos my college comp wont let me, but thank you for letting this be the first thing I see!!!


cute nino!!!!!!!!!!


niannarashi: (aiba)

this time I tried a different uh approach for this gifs ><v   let me know what you think...

902       903       904

905       905       906

908       909       910

911       912       913

914       915       916

917       918       919

920       921       922

923       924       925


as usual, you're free to use them ><v


[this is good]
Love this! :)


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846       847       848

849       850       851

852       853       854

855       856       857

858       859       860

861       862       863

864       865       866

867       868       869

870       871       872

873       874       875

876       877       878

879       880       881

882       883      

884       885      

886       887

888       889      


haha..my friend thought it looked as if he was yelling out "teja!" XD..LOL

<.< >.> *glomps*



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