Jul. 20th, 2010 10:36 pm
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Natsuniji finally started... and I love the song!! OO
and more ramblings, plus spoilers and other stuff... )
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LOOOOVED IT!!!  *cap obvious much?*

I wanna watch it again, maybe next week

and I'm so happy it was released this week instead of next cuz I can't think of anything else right now *next week is my japanese exam :S*

I wanna flail but I won't cuz I don't wanna spoil anyone D:

but as I promised

You've got a friend in me japanese ver

and and

You've got a friend in me jazz ver

...I'm getting my toys out to play tomorrow *coughPixarguiltcough*

oh and there's this post on NPR and I thought how cool would it be if everyone posted a pic of their fave toy... but I know no one will :/

maybe I will just for the sake of it :)  *if anyone cares*   except I never had a fave one *as you see, I'm challenged at picking since always XDD*

See ya!!
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so anyone else is excited about TS3??

I'm sure my tweeps are all tired of me... sorry

but I CAN'T WAIT!!! *runs in circles*

today we went to buy tickets and luckily the subbed ver is available there

I checked the prev days and only a few theaters got it and all are too far away from where I live D:

so after that, we went to see the toys and no sign of Masapea plushie D:

but there's an AWESOME and expensive Buzz!!!

so I went all... well, all fangirly and flaily *is that a word? oO* and I'm sure everyone in the store saw me

I bet he can flyyyyy!!! or fall w/style, I guess it depends on how beyond he wants to go X3 *bro facepalms*

therefore if I can't find the Masapea I'll gather enough money to buy it :Db

and *cough* I want a Woody too *shrugs* what can I say? I love both

so I was singing the songs most part of the day both spanish and english ver XDD;;; and I'm learning the japanese ne but I sound dumb cuz of the timing I guess *I'll post it tomorrow*

and and and

my fave part is *You're a BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!*

I'll probably said that at the store... I was too excited

sooo who is/are your fave chars? mine are Woody, Buzz, Rex and the aliens *and Masapea & cia but I haven't see them in action XDD;;;*



See ya!!!

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so as you know I have this sick thing of somehow relate a lot of stuff to the guys, right?

well, this is the latest addition

I'm so gonna buy one of those!! if I find them here *I'm still working on who the other 2 are XDD*

See ya!!

so *ahem* now you know how I'm calling him from now on, don't you? XDD *hides*


Jun. 10th, 2010 12:26 am
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sooo let's see... got a package from Maelis *THANKS AGAIN :D*

got my SnY and I haven't opened it yet *as usual*

we got news about Shosus :D but reading the info I guess we won't get any hospital action... like operations and stuff ): hmmm how sad, I love that XD;;

oh and more scenes of GANTZ!! :D  I'm sooooo excited about it, it's more my type of thing XD;;

besides that, nothing interesting I believe...

is anyone excited about the World Cup?

ooooh songs of the post

another nice ver

Everybody wants to be a cat

btw the weird sounds are kitty sounds <3

and a remix :3

I wan'na be like you

uh I think I'm running out of exciting covers... does anyone mind if I keep uploading the bossanova stuff?? it's really nice but I don't want to bother anyone D:


ewww ><

uh... I don't think this combination works XDD;;

btw don't get used to me uploading strips that often XDD

*locked in 2 days*

See ya!!

Kawaiii....LOL! Riida so cute.:)

Yeah it pays to be OCD. XD

XD!!!! O-chan/Kaibutsu-kun is really just looking out for the well-being of his fellow members :3 Since he is after all Riida ;D Gotta love how Aiba-chan doesn't question what is this "delicious" item placed in his cereal. Very trusting :3 then again who can say no to that cute face of O-chan. XD!!!!

Thanks for sharing this :) <33 *giggles at the strip some more*
Hahaha! Poor, poor Aiba. I love his shocked face when he tastes his cereal with the 'special' ingredient! XD

cereal with raw eggs??

uhm... yeah. XD

hahahahahahaha!!!!!! WIN!
hahaha nianna... i thought he added curry. but raw egg is much better!



Jun. 7th, 2010 12:57 am
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what can I say? with all the great news around I'm quite excited :D

and LOL at the fans that crashed CDJ... fanpower XDD

I wasn't one cuz I got mine a little earlier *was refreshing every few seconds... I have no life XD;;*

and now waiting for the other one... *sigh*

hmm oh yeah

VSA it was good, we could see the airmuscles *_______* it's been a while, huh?

AniS aaah... it was better than the last one, it had some fun parts :)

oh and on japanese class there was a sentence that just said *children's song* as an explanation but I didn't realize that I knew it till NSS Sensei kinda sang it... then I was OMG OMG I KNOW THAT SONG, IT WAS ON UnO!!  *the sing is Yuki if you wanna know* so I was trying to remember the lyrics of it while trying to pay attention -_-;; oh self...

besides that, nothing truly interesting

and now: songs of the uh... post? XDD  *just links over here in case it's too bothersome*

Part of your world

this one is not Disney related but I loooove so...



seriously Shosus, what kind of question is that? XDD;;

*as usual locked in 2 days*


See ya!!

still no ideas for Ninomonth ._.

LOL XD Yeah! He's the cute one! :3 I bet Nino-chan would've figured that out in a heartbeat ;D Tsk tsk Sho-kun. Obviously he should be paying attention more closely. ^w^ *gets bricked* <3 This strip. Riida/Kaibutsu-kun's response is so like him XD!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!
it's been a long time since my last comment but this one really made me smile.
he's right, kaibutsu-kun is really cute. XD
the pause made me smile and oh-chan's reply got me LOL.
he's obviously the cute one!
i really like ur drawings, so cute! thanks for sharing! ^^
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soo we're finally on Nino's month huh?

and as usual I don't know what to do to celebrate *that is IF I do something at all DX*


uh nothing interesting, I was watching Aladdin in japanese and surprisingly I had a bit more trouble trying to understand than I have w/ dramas and variety shows oO

aaand since the Disney thing isn't going away I'm gonna put some nice covers I've got... just because
music music )

ok, ok, I guess you don't come here to hear *read?* me flail about this stuff, right?

<<  >>

I already had the idea for this one but I was too lazy to do it XDD  why Nino wasn't a guest on this ep is a mystery, since it's obvious he's perfect for the theme!! D:

*note I used google to translate the writing on the guy, so I' don't know if it's correct or if it even makes any sense XDD*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

talking about that, I know there's a few ppl who want to add me but don't know if I'm fine w/that... I don't mind at all, just keep in mind that the rule for the strips applies to everyone, I want to be fair 

uuh I guess that's it :D

See ya!!

LOL... y couldnt they get Nino to guest star?!
i love this comic strip! so funny! $cha-ching$
LOL. XD Nino is so cute here <3
And yes, why no cameo on Kaibutsuken?! :p
ROFL!!! Of all the candidates he picks, he chooses the wonder boy who stopped aging after 17 ;D Heehee. Free money for the lil gamer XD!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! <33333
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so still on Disney mode :D

now after listening for uh I don't know how many times to Aladdin, The Aristocats, Jungle Book, Mulan and some covers of other songs...

hey you,  where is Hakuna Matata?! WHERE IS IT??!!

*GASP* OMG! self, this is MAJOR FAIL OO

I know -_- I still don't know why I'm stuck with you...

so I got it and I remembered that I uh *cough* I... kinda... had a thing for Adult Simba's voice in that song... *creepski I know*



...I still like it a lot *hides*

now, I went all curious because I'm familiar just with the spanish *latin american that is* and the english version but I hadn't heard other versions *except for the multi-track but that doesn't count*
so I went on a Hakuna Matata spree and uh wanted to listen to uh *coughSimba'svoicecough* errr this is really embarrassing *hides*

so I ah have pretty much all the versions I could find on yt XD;;  *btw the french version of Simba cub's voice is super cute <3*

well someone commented that Timon's voice is hot... oO

so I have to ask because well... it's Timon!

Hakuna Matata *spanish*

Hakuna Matata *japanese*

Hakuna Matata *french*

oh and I'm learning the japanese version *still have a bit of trouble w/ Pumbaa's story XD;;* 

and theeeen I went for Tarzan and I remembered I have Sakamoto's ver of *You'll be in my heart* that I thought it was just a cover but nooooo he sang the songs for the movie *facepalm*


I knoow, I knoow, JE FAIL

anyway, I ripped those too :D  plus the french and german versions

*and I watched it yesterday :D*

after that, there was this link to Kiss the girl japanese ver which is lovely!! and uh I realized I hadn't listened to the english ver yet *facepalm*


ok, I grew up with the spanish ver ok? it's completetly understandable!! ..right? right?!

aha, yeah

so I listened to it and err for once I prefer other versions

Kiss the girl *spanish*

Kiss the girl *japanese*

Kiss the girl *french*

something fun is that uh my bro used to go w/my cousins to this kinda boy scouts thing and he said that one time one of the older guys just started to sing the *shalalalalalala* part and soon all the guys were singing the song XDD pity there's no footage
oh oh and I was checking this Disney cover site and there was this cool vid, love it!

so yeah still on Disney mode

if you have suggestions for stuff I should listen to... :3

See ya!



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