Apr. 12th, 2011 11:08 pm
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I’m glad ppl enjoyed the strip, even when I’m out of practice XD;;


not really important )


let’s try to cheer up w/the last Kaibutsustrip :D YAAAY!! *won’t be doing one about the SP because I’m just that lazy I already started the Natsuniji ones*



err since the cap would only come off when he figured how to defeat Demokin... does that mean he wasn't able to wash his hair? >< eww


soo, how’s everyone? I hope better than me

See ya!!

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I'm dling last VSA because to be honest I don't watch shows live anymore, except dramas *bad Nianna! bad Nianna!*

anyway, as I said I've been working on new strips *coughre-watchingdramascough* poor me, I suffer and suffer XD and I have also been thinking about the 2 days thing...

now, I usually get now and then someone who wants to read past strips and I have to put my mean face and say sorry, and afterwards I feel horrible because well, they ask really nicely and all that

I understand it's not always possible to check stuff in two days and I don't really have and schedule so ppl don't know when I'm gonna post *I don't even know either XD;;* 

therefore I thought that I could give another try and leave them open like it used to be *like the old times *sniff**

that said

Demokin's adventures in Narnia!! XD  *I'd watch that*

so I'm just asking to NOT REPOST

pretty please?

also comments are appreciated

guess that's it, hope everyone is ok

See ya!!

btw [ profile] satosuki  I've been dling a bunch of Monkey Majik stuff and it's totally your fault :Db
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VSA-  no idea, I suppose it's ok as usual *decided to sleep a little more*

HnA surprisingly it wasn't as annoying as I thought it was gonna be, in fact it was way more fun than usual *le gasp*
hmm but correct me of I'm wrong but, hadn't they already explained their uh intro thing? I kinda remember that oO

ahh we had someone from the old GRA days!! :D **which is the show I always forget it even existed XD;;*

oh and Ohno's little wiggly thing... I went *KYAA!!* OO   do you know when was the last time I did that? me neither ._.

so despite of the guests you should watch it, really


oh right

sometimes it's not that bad to remember stuff you know? XDD

*as usual locked in 2 days*


no Disney songs this time! OO

To dance again- AVPM

been humming/singing this aaaaaall day :D

Different as can be -AVPM

love this pairing, Voldemort/Quirrel FTW
I just finished AVPS a few minutes ago, it's was good but not as good as AVPM
and I *cough* have a slight crush on Joe Walker 's arms XD;;  seriously, he's great :Db

oh oh and Lucius was awesome too

I just wish there was more Draco in it ):

yes yes I'm Slytherin bias, so what?

*gets bricked*

ok just one last song

Not alone - AVPM

this one makes me a bit misty eyed

well that's it

See ya!It


Jul. 20th, 2010 10:36 pm
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Natsuniji finally started... and I love the song!! OO
and more ramblings, plus spoilers and other stuff... )
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the usual

VSA- it was ok, still have no idea who the plus one is XD;;;

HnA- quite fun, I'm glad the VIP girl wasn't annoying at all *and I love her image of Ohno XD* the second part... uh was the guessing thing right? I don't like that corner that much so I pretty much just listened to it *shrugs* -_-

Kaibutsu-kun - don't worry no spoilers, hmm for this to be the exciting ending I didn't find it exciting at all XD;; *gets bricked* for me the best part was Squishy's appearance
oh and there will be an SP :D ...or something like that

AniS surprisingly I did like this one cuz I actually learned something!! *and Aiba-chan was adorable* in fact it's the only AniS I've told THE MOM about *I do only w/shows I like* so yay! :Db

uhh not much, exam is in 2 weeks and I'm doubting I've really learned something orz

 songs of the post!!! :D

this time no Disney *and don't think I can't hear you cheering*

so I was listening to the PC itunes *it has my bro music and some of mine but mostly his* and I found

The monster song

I loooooooooooooooove it!!! been listening to it all day :3

and this one just cuz someone shared the albums and I got curious about this group... and this is the song I like the most so far :)

I just wanna kiss you

<<  >>   and uh oh, could it be??


*le gasp*

so next time you have that feeling... check your clothes first XDD *gets bricked*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

ok, this is pretty much the only ep I have seen w/ subs *cuz I was too lazy to try to understand* so... if the idea is not correct it's not my entire fault ok? *hides from subbers*

See ya!!!

[this is good]
Thank you ^___^
Now if only that shirt shrank in real life, I'd be happy \0/

ooh that li'l evil game otaku! <333

this is so cute!! his clothes shrank!! did nino had something to do with it? haha..thanks 4 sharing
hahahah! cute XDD
[هذا هو الحكم]



Jun. 10th, 2010 12:26 am
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sooo let's see... got a package from Maelis *THANKS AGAIN :D*

got my SnY and I haven't opened it yet *as usual*

we got news about Shosus :D but reading the info I guess we won't get any hospital action... like operations and stuff ): hmmm how sad, I love that XD;;

oh and more scenes of GANTZ!! :D  I'm sooooo excited about it, it's more my type of thing XD;;

besides that, nothing interesting I believe...

is anyone excited about the World Cup?

ooooh songs of the post

another nice ver

Everybody wants to be a cat

btw the weird sounds are kitty sounds <3

and a remix :3

I wan'na be like you

uh I think I'm running out of exciting covers... does anyone mind if I keep uploading the bossanova stuff?? it's really nice but I don't want to bother anyone D:


ewww ><

uh... I don't think this combination works XDD;;

btw don't get used to me uploading strips that often XDD

*locked in 2 days*

See ya!!

Kawaiii....LOL! Riida so cute.:)

Yeah it pays to be OCD. XD

XD!!!! O-chan/Kaibutsu-kun is really just looking out for the well-being of his fellow members :3 Since he is after all Riida ;D Gotta love how Aiba-chan doesn't question what is this "delicious" item placed in his cereal. Very trusting :3 then again who can say no to that cute face of O-chan. XD!!!!

Thanks for sharing this :) <33 *giggles at the strip some more*
Hahaha! Poor, poor Aiba. I love his shocked face when he tastes his cereal with the 'special' ingredient! XD

cereal with raw eggs??

uhm... yeah. XD

hahahahahahaha!!!!!! WIN!
hahaha nianna... i thought he added curry. but raw egg is much better!



Jun. 7th, 2010 12:57 am
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what can I say? with all the great news around I'm quite excited :D

and LOL at the fans that crashed CDJ... fanpower XDD

I wasn't one cuz I got mine a little earlier *was refreshing every few seconds... I have no life XD;;*

and now waiting for the other one... *sigh*

hmm oh yeah

VSA it was good, we could see the airmuscles *_______* it's been a while, huh?

AniS aaah... it was better than the last one, it had some fun parts :)

oh and on japanese class there was a sentence that just said *children's song* as an explanation but I didn't realize that I knew it till NSS Sensei kinda sang it... then I was OMG OMG I KNOW THAT SONG, IT WAS ON UnO!!  *the sing is Yuki if you wanna know* so I was trying to remember the lyrics of it while trying to pay attention -_-;; oh self...

besides that, nothing truly interesting

and now: songs of the uh... post? XDD  *just links over here in case it's too bothersome*

Part of your world

this one is not Disney related but I loooove so...



seriously Shosus, what kind of question is that? XDD;;

*as usual locked in 2 days*


See ya!!

still no ideas for Ninomonth ._.

LOL XD Yeah! He's the cute one! :3 I bet Nino-chan would've figured that out in a heartbeat ;D Tsk tsk Sho-kun. Obviously he should be paying attention more closely. ^w^ *gets bricked* <3 This strip. Riida/Kaibutsu-kun's response is so like him XD!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!
it's been a long time since my last comment but this one really made me smile.
he's right, kaibutsu-kun is really cute. XD
the pause made me smile and oh-chan's reply got me LOL.
he's obviously the cute one!
i really like ur drawings, so cute! thanks for sharing! ^^
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soo we're finally on Nino's month huh?

and as usual I don't know what to do to celebrate *that is IF I do something at all DX*


uh nothing interesting, I was watching Aladdin in japanese and surprisingly I had a bit more trouble trying to understand than I have w/ dramas and variety shows oO

aaand since the Disney thing isn't going away I'm gonna put some nice covers I've got... just because
music music )

ok, ok, I guess you don't come here to hear *read?* me flail about this stuff, right?

<<  >>

I already had the idea for this one but I was too lazy to do it XDD  why Nino wasn't a guest on this ep is a mystery, since it's obvious he's perfect for the theme!! D:

*note I used google to translate the writing on the guy, so I' don't know if it's correct or if it even makes any sense XDD*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

talking about that, I know there's a few ppl who want to add me but don't know if I'm fine w/that... I don't mind at all, just keep in mind that the rule for the strips applies to everyone, I want to be fair 

uuh I guess that's it :D

See ya!!

LOL... y couldnt they get Nino to guest star?!
i love this comic strip! so funny! $cha-ching$
LOL. XD Nino is so cute here <3
And yes, why no cameo on Kaibutsuken?! :p
ROFL!!! Of all the candidates he picks, he chooses the wonder boy who stopped aging after 17 ;D Heehee. Free money for the lil gamer XD!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! <33333
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long time no see, right?

ok so quick re-cap

I didn't watch AniS nor Kaibutsu-kun on purpose cuz I was dead tired and I just have around an hour after those shows finish to get ready for class therefore no time to take a nap, so I had to do it

now VSA- was fine, I think we need more new games or bring back uh well I think there's just the one... where they shoot balls at someone... nah bring new ones

HnA- infomercials and not even for new stuff! D: then some food *and uh no matter how delicious it is I could never eat raw meat DX* and mannequin corner...

oh after VSA there was an USO! Japan -ish  show and there was featured a place over here! oO *it was really weird* it's this uh small island thingie called "La Isla de las Muñecas" or Doll's Island were there are a bunch of dolls hanged on trees and stuff... quite creepy, you can google if you wanna see pics

what else?

oh I got my CD today, I was expecting it for tomorrow oO

and talking about that, the PV? meh

I hope the next album will be really good because I haven't been impressed about the latest songs :/

oh and I was listening to Winnie the Pooh *it's been featured on BBC radio* and hee I went around getting Disney songs for my ipod... XD;; and I got curious, do you have a fave Disney song? I have quite a few so I can't really choose X3

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I've been still depressed *you know why* so I couldn't bring me to do any creative stuff, I already had the ideas but just no will to do it, even thought it's not like something that would take me days and days to do D:

let's call it fail of the uh month? year? :/

however, I convinced myself to do at least one so, yay?

I know... laaame but uh it's something

*as usual locked in 2 days*

See ya!


^w^ But he looks so adorable in that yellow outfit of his. Not to mention re-affirming the forever young portrait. Seriously he doesn't look like he's about to hit the big 3-0 =x

Thanks for sharing this!!! <3
we will respect the almighty leader of arashi, no matter what he wears (or does not wear). XD
I just love the humor in your strips! Yellow is apparently his favorite color...hmm, the Nino connection. XD

great imagination you've got there XD


yeah! show him some love...

[esto es genial]
I missed seeing your drawings!!!
Poor Rida, he doesn't get the respect he "deserves" :D
XDDD poor Riida, he's sooo adorable no matter what he wears


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