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May. 4th, 2011 12:50 am
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so yeaaaah lots of things happened last week...

hmm... I think it's better to rant on another post, for now I just wanted to leave this

I hope you're the only one who thinks that Oh-chan cuz it is known what happens to piñatas right?  <--- see what I did there? XD

when I was a kid I used to cry when the one dad bought me got broken, *he always got one for me and one for my brother* and my relatives used to tease me about that :(

I don't know why, I mean I knew that's the point but I still felt horrible :/

anyway, please DO NOT REPOST


*pssst, comments are loved*

See ya!!!


Apr. 20th, 2011 12:58 am
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ah... nothing really interesting, I just got my butai DVD *yay!* and I'm still waiting for the Ooku one :/

I was gonna wait for it to arrive to watch but I believe it won't be here till next week and by then I'm pretty sure I'd have lost all interest, so I'm dling it

oh oh I watched Game of Thrones *as pretty much everyone, I think XD* and I really liked it! I'm gonna give the audiobook another chance, *I left it cuz the narrator was a bit monotonous for my taste* when I finish the other books I'm heareading :)

and uh... since [ profile] lsirial  allowed me, I'm sharing her wallie request

*tbh I like this one more than the previous one XD;;*

800x600      1024x768     1280x960

as usual


also comments are appreciated

See ya!
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1060       1061       1062

1063       1064       1065

1066       1067       1068

1069       1070       1071

1072       1073       1074

1075       1076       1077

1078       1079       1080

1081       1082       1083

1084       1085       1086

1087       1088       1089

1090       1091       1092

1093       1094       1095

1096       1097       1098

1099       1100       1101

1102       1103       1104

1105       1106       1107

1108       1109       1110

1111       1112       1113

1114       1115       1116

1117       1118       1119

1120       1121       1122

1123       1124       1125 

1126       1127       1128

1129       1130       1131

1132       1133       1134

1135       1136       1137

1138       1139       1140

1141       1142       1143

1144       1145       1146

1147       1148       1149

1150       1151       1152

1153       1154       1155

1156       1157       1158

1159       1160       1161

1162       1163      

as usual no need to ask for permission but comments are love :D

See ya!!
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soo cosplay!!! :D
and uh I wanted Shosus to be the ballerina cuz... he has nice legs XDD;;
*gets bricked*
hum so new uh... thing I'll probably be ranting about??
Dr. Who
ah to be honest I watched the first ep of the 9th some months ago and I just thought it was ok, but not something I MUST WATCH!!!
fail of... half the year!!! :Db
and there this podcast *another podcast* and uh the guys there sometimes flail about it sooooo I thought I'll give it another chance, at least to have an idea of what they're talking about
so eh... << >> I sorta finished the first season in like... 2 days
uh yeah... XD;;;

ok, ok, I bet you don't care about this so... strip!!

I wonder who is Masakimune-kun's coach... XDDD

*btw the other one is Squishy, wanted to try something so they won't look as if they're kissing... not that easy with the chibi heads XDD*

*as usual, locked in 2 days*

See ya!!!

no!! that's just an excuse!!! XDDDDD

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after super whiny moment...

I was happy watching VSA,  then KH crashed and now it doesn't want to log in, but I did managed to finish this on time :D

I'll be more concerned if there was an Aibanosaurus running around everywhere XDDD

*as usual, locked in 2 days*

See ya!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA jun's expression is so cute XDDD
[this is good]
Your clips are always awesome. Sorry for not being around much, I'll behave and comment more. How are ya? I hope the pain's aren't bothering you anymore.
Oh, if the origami dinobunny comes to life, take pictures so I can see it ^____^
[this is good]
kawaaaaaaiiii!!! I love this! XD
Hahahaha! If that isn't a ferocious dinosaur I don't know what else could it be XD


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and now... another stupid gif story :D




Oh, hi Aiba-chan!!!


what are you thinking??

could it be about the 10th Arashiversary??


I knew it!!! :D


yup Shosus, 10 years!!!


hee hee

ah hi Squishy *ahem* Matsujun


so we were just flailing about your Arashiversary...


yeah... aren't you proud??


oh c'mon, don't be modest...


that's the spirit!! :D


yes Riidaa 10th... where have you been??!! oO


ok... maybe we don't wanna know

Nino... where's Nino??



I can see you behind those hamburger hands, you know?? -_-

and I was just gonna make a congratulatory post and paste some sexy gifs of all of you and then we can go celebrate!! :D

show him Riidaa


ok fine, not exactly your usual sexy... unless you prefer something like this instead:


cute huh??


see?? I told you

ah... seem Sho-chan already started his celebration




yeah I agree...


what?? I didn't said anything!!  *...yet* XD;;;

c'mon Nino, I'll even pay for your drinks!! 



ok, Aiba found the solution XDD

Riidaa... Riidaa!!!


you were still wondering where you've been??

anyway, Aiba-chan is already dragging Nino so we better go


ok Stormettes, hope you have a nice Arashiversary day!!! :Db



I was planning on doing this later but today I gotta go to visit Neurodoc and I don't know how that's gonna go... so better to do it earlier, right??

hope you don't mind yet another one of this nonsensical little stories, but I had nothing better to post to celebrate

as usual no need to ask for permission, but comments are appreciated!!! :D

See ya!!!

Crazy gifs

Jul. 2nd, 2009 01:13 am
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949       950       951

952       953       954

955       956       957

958       959       960

961       962       963

964       965       966

967       968       969

970       971       972

973       974       975

976       977       978

979       980       981

982       983       984

985       986       987

988       989       990

991       992       993

994       995       996

997       998       999

1000       1001      

1002       1003      

1004       1005

1006       1007      

1008       1009      

1010       1011

1012       1013      

1014       1015      

1016       1017

1018       1019      

1020       1021      

1022       1023

favourite nino moment ^^
awesome gifs! they have some cool dance moves in this one/ looks great!
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who missed this stuff??? XDD

a reminder: since the gifs are from different super old shows *it could be 2 different HnoA or 3 shukudais plus other stuff*  plz don't ask me from where they come; cuz as soon as I finish them I usually erase the file from my lap and I don't want to keep going back to my HD just to find the number of a gif, ok?? *ahm... don't get mad??*

since it's been quite a while since I posted some this kind of stuff, you can expect it to be... meh... 




Soooo I happen to know today was a special day for a certain someone...


ohh you know who am I talking about, right Nino??

please don't try to hide it!! 


we know today was Ninostar's b-day kyu kyu edition!!


ok ok I know I'm late posting this!!! *Shosus...*


anyway... I wanna know what did you got from the guys...


ohh you went bowling with the Don?? nice...   *Don Matsurleone, for those who don't know*

what about you, Aiba-chan??


don't "eh?" me!!! what did you got Nino??

don't tell me... you forgot it??


Shosus... you did remember, right??


you know... Nino's birthday??


typical failure...


oh yeah... now you're embarrased!!!

at least I know Oh-chan got him something, right Riida??


*ahem* we can see you, you know?? -_-

what did you got Nino??


Nino!!! you know... the prankster, gamer, magician, super actor...


you've got to be kidding me...

the guy who grops your butt... that Nino??


oh that  you remember!!! -_- 


you were just teasing me!!!   *you two spent too much time together...*

so tell us what did you got him??


I am... not sure he's gonna like that XD;;;


see?? it even scared Sho!!! *not that he is the bravest of the five...*


sorry, but no day is complete w/o picking on you *get's bricked*

*sigh*  I guess you'll only have air cake this year Nino...


hope it tastes good!!! XDD


but don't worry... seems it's just a bad dream!!!


ok no Nino was abused in such way in real life... I hope XDD;;;

I did this cuz I was bored and I had those gifs around...

*gets massively bricked* 

See ya!!!

*no need to ask for permission to use*

[this is good]

Ha...! I love this sooo much, I haven't been able to get on Vox in ageeeessss 'cos my college comp wont let me, but thank you for letting this be the first thing I see!!!


cute nino!!!!!!!!!!


niannarashi: (aiba)

this time I tried a different uh approach for this gifs ><v   let me know what you think...

902       903       904

905       905       906

908       909       910

911       912       913

914       915       916

917       918       919

920       921       922

923       924       925


as usual, you're free to use them ><v


[this is good]
Love this! :)


VSA gifs

May. 1st, 2009 12:15 am
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a few this time cuz I'm not supposed to use my hand that much...

891       892       893

894       895       896

897       898       899

900       901

will appreciate feedback on the last one XD;;

How cute! He's like, peekaboo!
It's a tad speedy though, if you wanted constructive critique?
Otherwise, fabulous job! <3
animated ^__^

hn i think a longer pause for the last frame, so people can read 'smile' would be better~
so cute!!!
aww so cute!! feed back? what 盧家宜 said up there =))
めっちゃ可愛い!!! (^ヮ^)
It's super cute!!!!! :D
hahah i like the eyes moving:DDDD
aww! that's waaayyyy to cute! :D
Cho kawaii!!! <333
It's so cute!!! I hope you make more! :)

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846       847       848

849       850       851

852       853       854

855       856       857

858       859       860

861       862       863

864       865       866

867       868       869

870       871       872

873       874       875

876       877       878

879       880       881

882       883      

884       885      

886       887

888       889      

890 friend thought it looked as if he was yelling out "teja!" XD..LOL

<.< >.> *glomps*


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One rabu!!!

*gets bricked*

783       784       785

786       787       788

789       790       791

792       793       794

795       796       797

798       799       800

801       802       803

when I say Lucky!!! you say...??

*Shut up!!!*

ok ok... I'm not nearly as good as them I know... gosh!!! XDD

804       805       806

807       808       809

810       811       812

813       814       815

816       817       818

819       820       821

822       823       824

825       826       827

828       829       830

831       832       833

834       835       836

837       838       839

840       841       842

843       844      


whew!!! me and my great ideas, ne??? XDD;;;

the past attacks...

Subarashiki sekai/ Hello goodbye

Love so sweet/Carnival night 2

See ya!!!

split his pants LOLOLOLOL

i love this part!!!
sho aiba and ohno??
-i'm confused-


I'm gonna grab this and use this!!! I LOVE YOU for spotting this and making the GIF!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs and kisses*


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first Love so sweet!!!

711       712       713

714       715       716

717       718       719

720       721       722

723       724       725

726       727       728

729       730       731

732       733      

734       735      

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Carnival Night 2!!!!

736       737       738      

739       740       741

742       743       744

745       746       747

748       749       750

751       752       753      

754       755       756      

757       758       759

760       761       762      

763       764       765      

766       767       768

769       770       771

772       773       774

775       776       777

778       779       780

781       782


soooo what's next??  *to Tweet friends*


1st part

comments appreciated!!!

See ya!!!

OMG. I LOVE YOU. thank you for this~~

thank you!! love them so much~

he's thinking of me just know it! XDDD..LOL *bricked*..ow..

this is the best one.. by far XDDDD
won't he get tired? hahahaha!
love that hipsy dance of aiba :) thanks.

ok..i shall go! ^____^ he's asking for it..!


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because I loooove this con... *and I have no life* I've decided to gif the whole con!!!!

><v   CHESUTO!!!

soooooooooooooooo here we start!!!

first Subarashiki Sekai

666       667       668

669       670       671

672       673       674

675       676       677

678       679       680

681       682       683

684       685      

and now Hello Goodbye!!!

686       687       688

689       690       691

692       693       694

695       696       697

698       699       700

701       702       703

704       705       706

707       708       709


I think that I'll upload it by pairs... since it's way too much to post all of it in one entry  *and I don't have that much space in my lap to store it all till I finish XD;;*

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I'm letting decide only tweet friends which song is next   *because I'm mean, evil and I can do it* ><v

See ya!!!
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589       590       591

592       593       594

595       596       597

598       599       600

601       602       603

604       605       606

607       608       609

610       611       612

613       614       615

616       617       618

619       620      621

622       623       624

625       626       627

628       629       630

631       632       633

634       635       636

637       638       639

640       641       642

643       644       645

646       647       648

649       650       651

652       653       654

655       656       657

658       659       660

611       662       663

664       665

comments appreciated!!!

and if you have a little time please read about the art theft that happened to me

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Sooo I decided to share the first 2 strips of my new collection *Oh my!! I sound sooo... >< let's leave it there XDD;;;*

based of course on the new superhero squad...

and an idea I had for the DisneyXArashi event...

I'll lock this one in one day *sorry for the inconvenience*

comments are welcome!!! =D

and plz DON'T REPOST!!!

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who missed this stuff??? XDD

a reminder: since the gifs are from different shows *it could be 2 different HnoA or 3 shukudais plus other stuff*  plz don't ask me from where they come; cuz as soon as I finish them I usually erase the file from my lap and I don't want to keep going back to my HD just to find the number of a gif, ok?? *ahm... don't get mad??*

if there's someone who can answer those questions plz do so, and I'm not kidding... I'm STILL drowned in gifs and seems that I'll never get out... -_-

since it's been quite a while since I posted some of these, sorry but no story this time cuz it's late and my brain refuses to cooperate...


I know, I know,  gif stories are better...


what? you wanna try Nino??? oO

ok... *I'm a little scared...*


...nice, you get excited when SOMEBODY ELSE tells one -_-


yeah, right... that laugh at the end didn't convince me too much... ><

sooo what's the story gonna be about??



oO  huh???


uhh... ok

and what about Sho-chan?? isn't he gonna get invited to listen too??

568       569

oh there he is!!! XDD



hmmm it's about spies???


Agent J...


Agent Otton...


and Agent Sasshon!!!
trying to find out what happened to Agent Otton's clothes!!! cuz somehow everything from his wardrobe dissappeared!!!


what will you do??


oh... so you have an idea???


ehh??!!! what's that for??? plus it seems dangerous...

what would you do if an enemy approaches???


you will divert them with balloon figures... oO

but what if that doesn't work???


riiiiiiiiiiigth, the deadly fat hamster technique...

I wonder who advices you about this stuff...


*I should've known...* -_-
ok, ok, but what are you gonna do about your clothes???


ahhh ok, got it




*I wanna do that too...*

but you know, there's a problem if you do that Riida


that's right Aiba-chan!!! he'll start sweating too much and therefore smelling... XDD

well Nino, it was quite amusing I have to admit


but it's a little late and Aiba-chan is falling asleep



oh please!!! don't be sorry!!!

wanna eat something before going to sleep???




ohhh don't do your victory dance Nino!!! I'll come up with something!! you'll see!!!


and remember not to try the Fat Hamster technique under any circumstance, only pros can perform it without getting harmed, ok???

*this silly story was brought to you by huge amounts of caffeine and lack of sleep*

my gosh *-* xDDD he look so adorable in this one XD (puedo quedarmelo) *o* hehe
is this OH-CHAN??? yay kawaii!!!! I wanna see the vid of this one!

thanks for all the gifs...^_______^

esp nino's!!!!!♥♥


cool nino dance!!!!

i love him when he does that. XDD

nice gifs! ^______^

hahahah.. this is really one of those few rare moments.. such scenes should really be immortalized by making a gif.. hahahaha!! thanks as always.. ;)

nice music, tho i could not understand the lyrics but nice beat

XDDD goshhh XD this one too *q* hahaha (cosquillitas xD)
can i ASK IF YOU KNOW THIS VOD? I mean the episode and the name of the program if it's mago mago, d no arashi, or shukudai-kun??? hehe

and can I join this group?
this was one of the episodes in Himitsu no Arashi chan. I forgot when, but it's one of the baka jikkens^^
ahhh hope I can find it! thanks for telling me :D




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492       493       494

495       496       497

498       499       500

501       502       503

504       505       506

507       508       509

510       511       512

513       514       515

516       517       518

519       520       521

522       523       524

525       526       527

528       529       530

531       532      

Kyaaaa this is beautiful :)
Beautiful! ^__^b
let me add too... " this is so beautiful" thanks for making the ani gif.. ;)
ooohhhh so beautiful.. RIIDA!!!

emmmm.. can i use this?

will credit you of course!! ^____^
so niice.....where did this angel gone fishing to?

I love this one!! The star's effect is really beautiful!

Love this as well~ Thanks for sharing them! :)

So cute!!! XDD I love ninomiya’s expression in this pv! But also love how sho blow those stars and those frogs aiba has and ohno’s wings and jun’s girl. Haha.. thanks for the gifs 


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ah, since some of you like the silly stories I come up with... I've got more!!!! *run, run while you can!!! XDDD*

a reminder: since the gifs are from different shows *it could be 2 different HnoA or 3 shukudais plus other stuff*  plz don't ask me from where they come; cuz as soon as I finish them I usually erase the file from my lap and I don't want to keep going back to my HD just to find the number of a gif, ok?? *ahm... don't get mad??*

if there's someone who can answer those questions plz do so, and I'm not kidding... I'm STILL drowned in gifs and seems that I'll never get out... -_-



c'mon Sho-chan!!! I know you wanna laugh!!! XDD

and after that *ahem* embarrasing incident, the Agents decided to come with a new dance:


a very calm one by Agent 005...

and from Agent 004 we got this:


HOOHAH!!  XDDD *what??!!*


ok, ok, sorry...

oh, oh, we've got an idea for a promotional to recruit new Agents by Agent 003!!!


cuz in Arashi's Agency you can learn new and exciting things such as:


*err... yeah ^^UU

and don't forget that is a Global Organization...


if that's not enough to convice you, *and we don't see why* you'll have the chance to assist to exclusive events


so enrole today!!!"



Agent 007 remind me to not allow Agent 003 to do a promotional ever again!!!


and I've got another one!!! XDDD

ok, soooo Riida was trying to impress Nino with his singing skills...


and, obviously


which made him quite happy


then it was Jun's turn to impress the audience


I said impress!!! not melt!!! >//////<


Nino... Nino??? are you listening??



*ahem* then it was Sho-chan's turn


hmmm nice... any opinions Riida??


ahm... what's that supposed to mean?? oO


uh, ok... then I guess it's Nino's turn


and as expected...


I suppose that's a secret message between those 2... XDDD


anyway, are you ready for more???


what do you mean by THAT Riida??!! TT

it's gonna have a little Nino, you know??


*just what I thought XDD*

and some Sho-chan too...


you are the only Sho-chan around, aren't you?? XDDD


ok, so Agent 004 was given a new mission along with Agent 003


I know, I know... but it's important!!!

so they got a plan and were ready to go


and the main point of it is:


exactly, make fangirls to share cookies with them *I told you it was important XDD*



poor Aibaado got bored of eating that everyday XDDD

they decided they needed to be in disguise to success; so asked for advice to Agent 002...


and I don't know about you, but I don't believe that's a tree... XDDD;;;

so Agent 003 decided to try something else


I think it's pretty *and I want one!!!! >/////<* but Agent 004 wasn't too conviced


so he came up with another plan... and it was a goooood one


and just to be sure that it'll work, they tested it first on Agent 002, therefore...



THAT I didn't expect!!! OO


*ahem* I think that's the plan... so fangirls, be prepared!!! XDDDD

oh gosh!! I think I have to stop with the caffeine overdose...  XDDD                

now... do you REALLY want me to keep on with this silly stuff??? XDDD ;;;

uwaaaa!!!! melts with you.. my gosh! with that face and stare, you'll get weak on the knees in an instant.. haha!

Aye Aye, Captain! <3


So cute... -^_^-

Look at the pearly whites... I'm happy his gums are starting to look healthy again.. heh heh.. XD

i really really really really really <s>Nino</s> love this <3~~~

Hamster Oh-chan.... <3

uhmm siempre me da a pensar otra cosa cuando come :D hehehe

*x* bueno quien le manda a comer tan asi de esa manera ToT me provoca mas otras cosas u__ú

Your gifs are always the best!! Adoro ese momento! ^_~


i'll enroll..again!


i'm already a part of it!..dang it!..i cant enroll again! >.<

oh well!...

...i want hayashi rice!!..

but to make it u need red wine deshou?..i cant buy it by myself cuz i'm not 21 yet!! >.< even tho its only for cooking! gonna makemy sister buy it..but i think she wants to cook it herself..we'll see! XD

I wanna attend to this event... Seems really interesting! *___*

I find this one really funny! Please Mr Rainbow, touch my house! I wanna be in Aibalando! XD



His smile... so smug! How cute! >///<

how kawaiii of nino stop my heart's beating

typical cocky nino. XDDD

thanks for the gif. ^^

love this gif XD

kya hahahaa!!

ncie one:DDD his nose is wriggling along XD


I hope he uses this technique when his turn in this game arrives... That will be hilarious! XD

Agent 004 sure has some amazing skills, ne? Kind of a high kick... Nino's style XD.


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a reminder: since the gifs are from different shows *it could be 2 different HnoA or 3 shukudais plus other stuff*  plz don't ask me from where they come; cuz as soon as I finish them I usually erase the file from my lap and I don't want to keep going back to my HD just to find the number of a gif, ok?? *ahm... don't get mad??*

if there's someone who can answer those questions plz do so, and I'm not kidding... I'm STILL drowned in gifs!!! oO*

422       423       424

425       426       427

428       429       430

431       432       433

434       435       436

437       438       439

440       441       442

443       444       445

446       447       448



and since it's sooo awesome, we'll have more agents testing it XDD

450       451

and we have got another agent amazed and one with headache!!!

452       453

also, there was this bet on the Agency quarters about how successful would Agent 002 be on his new mission and despite all the love, Agent 003's prediction was this...


so in order for him to win the cookies *yes, they bet cookies and food coupons, that's how serious they're about this stuff XDD* we had to check!!!




...and thus, Riida lost all his cookies XDD

...i love his arm in here!!!

he's been working out!! *___*

Conclusion: the force still exists!




ok. this just takes the cake. chooo cute... i always love your gifs nianna. I just cant comment much coz i don't know what to say.. but this.. heheehehe. *im giggling too much* and again im not making any sense....

Super eye candy

thinking about nino HAHAHA
Riida seems not thinking about food ne???
he is seems like thinking another thing...*LOL*'s so omoshiroi....
i love his eyes.... moving around from right to left...
kawaii......^ o ^
That little pink tongue... *_______*



aww!!!! wat's this vid??? hehe :D

Dear geniuses... Can I whish for the genius of the right? Thank you in advance! XD

I love their reactions in the little yellow box too ;D
hahahaha this is so funny!!! i am watching it over and over again!! ^^


That is so true... difference between kakkoi and kawaii.

lolz...i love this one. truly shows the difference ne!
LOL! I suddenly laughed out loud when liu_xing_girl showed this too me.. Riida~ You really crack me up.. Who would've ever though he's the scary lawyer in Maou with that gif?! Looooooolz!
haha..ohno is.......kawaii? he is dork XD
I love this gif! The begining resembles an episode of "Lifeguards"... and then appears Ohno yawning XDXD.
hahahahaha this is so gooo~d!! Ohno yawning is priceless




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