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May. 4th, 2011 12:50 am
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so yeaaaah lots of things happened last week...

hmm... I think it's better to rant on another post, for now I just wanted to leave this

I hope you're the only one who thinks that Oh-chan cuz it is known what happens to piñatas right?  <--- see what I did there? XD

when I was a kid I used to cry when the one dad bought me got broken, *he always got one for me and one for my brother* and my relatives used to tease me about that :(

I don't know why, I mean I knew that's the point but I still felt horrible :/

anyway, please DO NOT REPOST


*pssst, comments are loved*

See ya!!!


Apr. 20th, 2011 12:58 am
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ah... nothing really interesting, I just got my butai DVD *yay!* and I'm still waiting for the Ooku one :/

I was gonna wait for it to arrive to watch but I believe it won't be here till next week and by then I'm pretty sure I'd have lost all interest, so I'm dling it

oh oh I watched Game of Thrones *as pretty much everyone, I think XD* and I really liked it! I'm gonna give the audiobook another chance, *I left it cuz the narrator was a bit monotonous for my taste* when I finish the other books I'm heareading :)

and uh... since [ profile] lsirial  allowed me, I'm sharing her wallie request

*tbh I like this one more than the previous one XD;;*

800x600      1024x768     1280x960

as usual


also comments are appreciated

See ya!
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VSA-  no idea, I suppose it's ok as usual *decided to sleep a little more*

HnA surprisingly it wasn't as annoying as I thought it was gonna be, in fact it was way more fun than usual *le gasp*
hmm but correct me of I'm wrong but, hadn't they already explained their uh intro thing? I kinda remember that oO

ahh we had someone from the old GRA days!! :D **which is the show I always forget it even existed XD;;*

oh and Ohno's little wiggly thing... I went *KYAA!!* OO   do you know when was the last time I did that? me neither ._.

so despite of the guests you should watch it, really


oh right

sometimes it's not that bad to remember stuff you know? XDD

*as usual locked in 2 days*


no Disney songs this time! OO

To dance again- AVPM

been humming/singing this aaaaaall day :D

Different as can be -AVPM

love this pairing, Voldemort/Quirrel FTW
I just finished AVPS a few minutes ago, it's was good but not as good as AVPM
and I *cough* have a slight crush on Joe Walker 's arms XD;;  seriously, he's great :Db

oh oh and Lucius was awesome too

I just wish there was more Draco in it ):

yes yes I'm Slytherin bias, so what?

*gets bricked*

ok just one last song

Not alone - AVPM

this one makes me a bit misty eyed

well that's it

See ya!It


Jul. 20th, 2010 10:36 pm
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Natsuniji finally started... and I love the song!! OO
and more ramblings, plus spoilers and other stuff... )
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the usual

VSA- it was ok, still have no idea who the plus one is XD;;;

HnA- quite fun, I'm glad the VIP girl wasn't annoying at all *and I love her image of Ohno XD* the second part... uh was the guessing thing right? I don't like that corner that much so I pretty much just listened to it *shrugs* -_-

Kaibutsu-kun - don't worry no spoilers, hmm for this to be the exciting ending I didn't find it exciting at all XD;; *gets bricked* for me the best part was Squishy's appearance
oh and there will be an SP :D ...or something like that

AniS surprisingly I did like this one cuz I actually learned something!! *and Aiba-chan was adorable* in fact it's the only AniS I've told THE MOM about *I do only w/shows I like* so yay! :Db

uhh not much, exam is in 2 weeks and I'm doubting I've really learned something orz

 songs of the post!!! :D

this time no Disney *and don't think I can't hear you cheering*

so I was listening to the PC itunes *it has my bro music and some of mine but mostly his* and I found

The monster song

I loooooooooooooooove it!!! been listening to it all day :3

and this one just cuz someone shared the albums and I got curious about this group... and this is the song I like the most so far :)

I just wanna kiss you

<<  >>   and uh oh, could it be??


*le gasp*

so next time you have that feeling... check your clothes first XDD *gets bricked*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

ok, this is pretty much the only ep I have seen w/ subs *cuz I was too lazy to try to understand* so... if the idea is not correct it's not my entire fault ok? *hides from subbers*

See ya!!!

[this is good]
Thank you ^___^
Now if only that shirt shrank in real life, I'd be happy \0/

ooh that li'l evil game otaku! <333

this is so cute!! his clothes shrank!! did nino had something to do with it? haha..thanks 4 sharing
hahahah! cute XDD
[هذا هو الحكم]



Jun. 10th, 2010 12:26 am
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sooo let's see... got a package from Maelis *THANKS AGAIN :D*

got my SnY and I haven't opened it yet *as usual*

we got news about Shosus :D but reading the info I guess we won't get any hospital action... like operations and stuff ): hmmm how sad, I love that XD;;

oh and more scenes of GANTZ!! :D  I'm sooooo excited about it, it's more my type of thing XD;;

besides that, nothing interesting I believe...

is anyone excited about the World Cup?

ooooh songs of the post

another nice ver

Everybody wants to be a cat

btw the weird sounds are kitty sounds <3

and a remix :3

I wan'na be like you

uh I think I'm running out of exciting covers... does anyone mind if I keep uploading the bossanova stuff?? it's really nice but I don't want to bother anyone D:


ewww ><

uh... I don't think this combination works XDD;;

btw don't get used to me uploading strips that often XDD

*locked in 2 days*

See ya!!

Kawaiii....LOL! Riida so cute.:)

Yeah it pays to be OCD. XD

XD!!!! O-chan/Kaibutsu-kun is really just looking out for the well-being of his fellow members :3 Since he is after all Riida ;D Gotta love how Aiba-chan doesn't question what is this "delicious" item placed in his cereal. Very trusting :3 then again who can say no to that cute face of O-chan. XD!!!!

Thanks for sharing this :) <33 *giggles at the strip some more*
Hahaha! Poor, poor Aiba. I love his shocked face when he tastes his cereal with the 'special' ingredient! XD

cereal with raw eggs??

uhm... yeah. XD

hahahahahahaha!!!!!! WIN!
hahaha nianna... i thought he added curry. but raw egg is much better!



Jun. 7th, 2010 12:57 am
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what can I say? with all the great news around I'm quite excited :D

and LOL at the fans that crashed CDJ... fanpower XDD

I wasn't one cuz I got mine a little earlier *was refreshing every few seconds... I have no life XD;;*

and now waiting for the other one... *sigh*

hmm oh yeah

VSA it was good, we could see the airmuscles *_______* it's been a while, huh?

AniS aaah... it was better than the last one, it had some fun parts :)

oh and on japanese class there was a sentence that just said *children's song* as an explanation but I didn't realize that I knew it till NSS Sensei kinda sang it... then I was OMG OMG I KNOW THAT SONG, IT WAS ON UnO!!  *the sing is Yuki if you wanna know* so I was trying to remember the lyrics of it while trying to pay attention -_-;; oh self...

besides that, nothing truly interesting

and now: songs of the uh... post? XDD  *just links over here in case it's too bothersome*

Part of your world

this one is not Disney related but I loooove so...



seriously Shosus, what kind of question is that? XDD;;

*as usual locked in 2 days*


See ya!!

still no ideas for Ninomonth ._.

LOL XD Yeah! He's the cute one! :3 I bet Nino-chan would've figured that out in a heartbeat ;D Tsk tsk Sho-kun. Obviously he should be paying attention more closely. ^w^ *gets bricked* <3 This strip. Riida/Kaibutsu-kun's response is so like him XD!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!
it's been a long time since my last comment but this one really made me smile.
he's right, kaibutsu-kun is really cute. XD
the pause made me smile and oh-chan's reply got me LOL.
he's obviously the cute one!
i really like ur drawings, so cute! thanks for sharing! ^^
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soo we're finally on Nino's month huh?

and as usual I don't know what to do to celebrate *that is IF I do something at all DX*


uh nothing interesting, I was watching Aladdin in japanese and surprisingly I had a bit more trouble trying to understand than I have w/ dramas and variety shows oO

aaand since the Disney thing isn't going away I'm gonna put some nice covers I've got... just because
music music )

ok, ok, I guess you don't come here to hear *read?* me flail about this stuff, right?

<<  >>

I already had the idea for this one but I was too lazy to do it XDD  why Nino wasn't a guest on this ep is a mystery, since it's obvious he's perfect for the theme!! D:

*note I used google to translate the writing on the guy, so I' don't know if it's correct or if it even makes any sense XDD*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

talking about that, I know there's a few ppl who want to add me but don't know if I'm fine w/that... I don't mind at all, just keep in mind that the rule for the strips applies to everyone, I want to be fair 

uuh I guess that's it :D

See ya!!

LOL... y couldnt they get Nino to guest star?!
i love this comic strip! so funny! $cha-ching$
LOL. XD Nino is so cute here <3
And yes, why no cameo on Kaibutsuken?! :p
ROFL!!! Of all the candidates he picks, he chooses the wonder boy who stopped aging after 17 ;D Heehee. Free money for the lil gamer XD!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! <33333
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long time no see, right?

ok so quick re-cap

I didn't watch AniS nor Kaibutsu-kun on purpose cuz I was dead tired and I just have around an hour after those shows finish to get ready for class therefore no time to take a nap, so I had to do it

now VSA- was fine, I think we need more new games or bring back uh well I think there's just the one... where they shoot balls at someone... nah bring new ones

HnA- infomercials and not even for new stuff! D: then some food *and uh no matter how delicious it is I could never eat raw meat DX* and mannequin corner...

oh after VSA there was an USO! Japan -ish  show and there was featured a place over here! oO *it was really weird* it's this uh small island thingie called "La Isla de las Muñecas" or Doll's Island were there are a bunch of dolls hanged on trees and stuff... quite creepy, you can google if you wanna see pics

what else?

oh I got my CD today, I was expecting it for tomorrow oO

and talking about that, the PV? meh

I hope the next album will be really good because I haven't been impressed about the latest songs :/

oh and I was listening to Winnie the Pooh *it's been featured on BBC radio* and hee I went around getting Disney songs for my ipod... XD;; and I got curious, do you have a fave Disney song? I have quite a few so I can't really choose X3

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I've been still depressed *you know why* so I couldn't bring me to do any creative stuff, I already had the ideas but just no will to do it, even thought it's not like something that would take me days and days to do D:

let's call it fail of the uh month? year? :/

however, I convinced myself to do at least one so, yay?

I know... laaame but uh it's something

*as usual locked in 2 days*

See ya!


^w^ But he looks so adorable in that yellow outfit of his. Not to mention re-affirming the forever young portrait. Seriously he doesn't look like he's about to hit the big 3-0 =x

Thanks for sharing this!!! <3
we will respect the almighty leader of arashi, no matter what he wears (or does not wear). XD
I just love the humor in your strips! Yellow is apparently his favorite color...hmm, the Nino connection. XD

great imagination you've got there XD


yeah! show him some love...

[esto es genial]
I missed seeing your drawings!!!
Poor Rida, he doesn't get the respect he "deserves" :D
XDDD poor Riida, he's sooo adorable no matter what he wears
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as usual no need to ask for permission but comments are love :D

See ya!!
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sooo today's SP was GOOD as in stop reading this and go watch it if you haven't already!!!

such a pity SnY wasn't as good as this D:

anyway, don't wanna write too much cuz it's late and I just have a few hours to rest before TK starts... have I whined about the time slot already?? I have to get up at 6!!! on a sunday!!! DX  *shakes fist at Shosus*

oh well

ah I was playing with this idea 2 days ago I think... or was it yesterday?? can't remember...

whatever I promised to try something so this is it

and before anyone gets mad at me


are we safe now??


dunno... that thing had so many uh laughable things that I may make more of this but don't really expect anything, as you know lately I've been turning to other stuff...

haven't even finished the new banner and to be honest I'm not worried at all ._.

*as usual locked in 2 days*

See ya!!!
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Hi!! soo BA was good, but the thing I hate it's that it started too early for me, hence I was quite tired when the guys finally performed DX

theeeen congrats to Shosus Saint Man of the year!! :D

whose turn will be next year??

uhh today's VSA was ok, hmmm I like how Squishy and uh Meisa look together...

ahh soo I was thinking about finally watching MG... when tartaruga139 talked about an LJ comm and I saw the confidentials posted there... now I have more DW to watch!!! :D  *thanks btw*


but don't worry, I felt too guilty and finally re-watched MG on high speed just to have an idea of what was going on ^^;;  sorry Masakimune-kun

have both!! :D

but... Masakimune-kun, I don't think your problem can be solved the same way... ^^;;

*as usual locked in 2 days*

btw I have a few ideas for... something, but I need a liiittle help from someone who knows DW better than me... anyone?? plz??

See ya!!!

55555555+++ I like how O-chan thinks too ^^~
Very cute, Thank you ne~
heh cute cute!! XD
i love these two calmness members combi when they simple minded ;3

LOL <3 the advice. XD There is always a simple answer for everything with O-chan. XD But that's probably why he's always so zen about things. Heehee. Totally <3 the new strip!!!

Thanks for sharing.

that's good... if you can't decide, have both! haha... oh-chan...
Good choice Oh-chan! ^^ Cute strip! ^___^b
hahahaha~ i missed seeing your work nianna♥


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so FNS today huh??
and don't tell me you haven't seen it cuz it's practically everywhere... ^^;;;
wow fangirls, I had a lot of trouble trying to watch it since KH kept kicking me out *overload of viewers* so I missed the part with Ogura :/

and I want Arashi to sing more covers!! *_________*

now, all my tweeps know how much I've been struggling to do the strip, due to my currently unhealthy obsession with Dr. Who ^^;;;

I don't want a new Doctoooooor!!! I love 10th!!! DX
*ahem* sorry about that XD;;;

oh yeah and I didn't get any sleep so a few hours ago I was checking a comm and I got this *OMG Nianna you are so silly* idea... that made me giggle like... well, just giggle a lot

I'll just say it has to do with Arashi and the little bit before the X'mas SP of 3rd season
I'm sure someone will get it and roll her eyes XD

I fought, struggled and all that with the need to watch more Dr. *did I mention I'm obsessed??* to give you this

ahh... I'm not sure he heard the *fake* part XDD

oh and about Shosus being in MG, not so long ago I was talking with some of my tweeps about how much I wanted it to happen cuz Koharu-chan needs a mom XDDD
*gets bricked*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

See ya!!

[this is good]
HAHAHHA my girl pv n my girl drama crossover!

5555555555555+++ Nino, you're so mean!! 555555555++
Thank you for sharing this cute & funny cartoon
XDDDD... one of your best yet...
it's been so long i'd seen this..*blame absent minded*
Nino will always be Nino,,,and Leader just muted there is <3 ^^
bratty nino and do-what-u-wanna-do oh-chan..
bwahahahah!!!! this is real funny!!
i can imagine act like this.
oh neener... so mean XD
[this is good]

nino you brat! XDDD

LOL he's such a brat while O-chan carries his usual self defined leadership mentality, "whatever floats your boat....I'll support you from the background quietly" XD

Thanks for sharing the strip Nianna-chan. <3

[das ist gut]
nino!!! lols.. u r so meann xDD


niannarashi: (peace)

and now... another stupid gif story :D




Oh, hi Aiba-chan!!!


what are you thinking??

could it be about the 10th Arashiversary??


I knew it!!! :D


yup Shosus, 10 years!!!


hee hee

ah hi Squishy *ahem* Matsujun


so we were just flailing about your Arashiversary...


yeah... aren't you proud??


oh c'mon, don't be modest...


that's the spirit!! :D


yes Riidaa 10th... where have you been??!! oO


ok... maybe we don't wanna know

Nino... where's Nino??



I can see you behind those hamburger hands, you know?? -_-

and I was just gonna make a congratulatory post and paste some sexy gifs of all of you and then we can go celebrate!! :D

show him Riidaa


ok fine, not exactly your usual sexy... unless you prefer something like this instead:


cute huh??


see?? I told you

ah... seem Sho-chan already started his celebration




yeah I agree...


what?? I didn't said anything!!  *...yet* XD;;;

c'mon Nino, I'll even pay for your drinks!! 



ok, Aiba found the solution XDD

Riidaa... Riidaa!!!


you were still wondering where you've been??

anyway, Aiba-chan is already dragging Nino so we better go


ok Stormettes, hope you have a nice Arashiversary day!!! :Db



I was planning on doing this later but today I gotta go to visit Neurodoc and I don't know how that's gonna go... so better to do it earlier, right??

hope you don't mind yet another one of this nonsensical little stories, but I had nothing better to post to celebrate

as usual no need to ask for permission, but comments are appreciated!!! :D

See ya!!!

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Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it :D

this one is for flange5 *as you see I fail at deciding... XDD*

Rainbow zombie has priorities ^^

*locked in 2 days*

See ya!!!

ah.. how cute! :3
the sudden silence just pure WIN!
*takes down notes* ohno zombie will only crave for nino...
arigatou nianna-chan♥

wha...? a nino-hunting zombie!

AWWWWWWWWW`~ major fuzzies inside. that's just sooo adorable
klsjf;lsdj SO CUTE.
[this is good]
you did it <33
That is really awesome!
How is it possible for exposed brain to be adorable, Nianna? how??

. . . I just may have had a bizarre mental image of Nino groping zombie!Ohno's rear and it falling off. O___o
*scrubs brain furiously*
*glees over cute strip*
Ahh!! so cute!!! seriously, how DO you make zombies so freakin' adorable?
*wants zombie Ohno plushie now*

This is awesome. really.
[this is good]

LMHO! Oh, that's AWESOME. My sister loves zombies and she loves Ohno, so this is PERFECT for her!



5 4 3!!!

Oct. 20th, 2009 02:27 am
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I bet eeeeveryone has already seen THAT and there are gonna be millions of gifs of the thing...
and since it started quite early I was doubting if I should get up to watch, thankfully my OCDness was stronger that my need to sleep, therefore I was giggling like silly when I saw it and then I spent Ihavenoideahowmuchtime repeating and repeating the thing...


I'll post more tomorrow...

on other news I deduced that all the crankiness was just product of the lack of rainbows we've been having lately... it was like going on detox I think ><

uh not much really, we also had the 2nd part of Mao's AnS and uhh a small preview to the odoroki SP...

buuuuuuuut there, just cuz

ohhh Riida how much do I love messing with you... ^^;;;

*again locked in 2 days*

See ya!!


XDDDD I love this!!!!
HAHAHAH!! poor Ohno and Shosus *pats* XDDD
aiba + lil prankster = disaster XDDD
that's really cute!!
*giggle fits* thanks for this one nianna..*squish*
[this is good]

btw, I miss Ni no Arashi...

it's funny and cute as ever. thank you so much for this. ^_^
ahh, so cute!!! Masamune-kun + braiding scene was adorable!!
Thank you for sharing these!! XD
awww! lol i love this!
LOLLLLL... that's hilarious. Ohno looks good with the clips. And yes, I would love Ni no Arashi to be back!
oh shochan you're just too weak to your darlings bwahaha.
hehehehe that was soooo funny and cute. aaaawww ohno-kun, nino arashi is not back, nino is just giving you an option for your next hairstyle. Nice strip again nianna-chan, as always!! thanks for sharing. :D

*stiffles her urge to burst out laughing in the office* X3 Sho-kun worrying as per usual in regards to what our lil prankster has in store while O-chan accepts the situation and tries to make the best out of it, LOL. He does look cute on those barrettes. Heehee.

Thanks Nianna-chan for sharing this!!!! :)

So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! And perfect!


But woe! Somehow I missed strip #65? How could this happen? WOE!


Sep. 20th, 2009 12:05 am
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since I need desperately to exercise my creative muscle or I'll be in trouble when My Girls starts...





be amazed by Ohno: reporter extraordinaire!!!   *I want this to be a new series XDDD*

based of course on last VSA ><v

soooo who missed this stuff??

anyone??? XDD

*for those who don't remember the rule: it will be locked in 2 days and plz don't repost*

See ya!!!

*I love tap tap app <3<3*

[this is good]
aww so cute!! XD I miss your arashi world strip!!

i've been missing your strips too nianna!

hehe that seems like something he'd ask. XD

lol ohno! so cute.
i miss your strips :3♥
Hah.. suddenly I want to watch Ochan in a news reporter drama! Like, nothing important would be answerered, but we'd all know what would be good to eat. ^__^
Hahaha! Wel, he at least he is trying... a new way to make interviews? XD
hahah.. ochan's interview always go funny.. not gonna complain him... xD
aww... strips... makes me feel hungry too...
oh ohchan ♥
HAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Well played!

Oh Ohno~!

Crazy gifs

Jul. 2nd, 2009 01:13 am
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997       998       999

1000       1001      

1002       1003      

1004       1005

1006       1007      

1008       1009      

1010       1011

1012       1013      

1014       1015      

1016       1017

1018       1019      

1020       1021      

1022       1023

favourite nino moment ^^
awesome gifs! they have some cool dance moves in this one/ looks great!
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who missed this stuff??? XDD

a reminder: since the gifs are from different super old shows *it could be 2 different HnoA or 3 shukudais plus other stuff*  plz don't ask me from where they come; cuz as soon as I finish them I usually erase the file from my lap and I don't want to keep going back to my HD just to find the number of a gif, ok?? *ahm... don't get mad??*

since it's been quite a while since I posted some this kind of stuff, you can expect it to be... meh... 




Soooo I happen to know today was a special day for a certain someone...


ohh you know who am I talking about, right Nino??

please don't try to hide it!! 


we know today was Ninostar's b-day kyu kyu edition!!


ok ok I know I'm late posting this!!! *Shosus...*


anyway... I wanna know what did you got from the guys...


ohh you went bowling with the Don?? nice...   *Don Matsurleone, for those who don't know*

what about you, Aiba-chan??


don't "eh?" me!!! what did you got Nino??

don't tell me... you forgot it??


Shosus... you did remember, right??


you know... Nino's birthday??


typical failure...


oh yeah... now you're embarrased!!!

at least I know Oh-chan got him something, right Riida??


*ahem* we can see you, you know?? -_-

what did you got Nino??


Nino!!! you know... the prankster, gamer, magician, super actor...


you've got to be kidding me...

the guy who grops your butt... that Nino??


oh that  you remember!!! -_- 


you were just teasing me!!!   *you two spent too much time together...*

so tell us what did you got him??


I am... not sure he's gonna like that XD;;;


see?? it even scared Sho!!! *not that he is the bravest of the five...*


sorry, but no day is complete w/o picking on you *get's bricked*

*sigh*  I guess you'll only have air cake this year Nino...


hope it tastes good!!! XDD


but don't worry... seems it's just a bad dream!!!


ok no Nino was abused in such way in real life... I hope XDD;;;

I did this cuz I was bored and I had those gifs around...

*gets massively bricked* 

See ya!!!

*no need to ask for permission to use*

[this is good]

Ha...! I love this sooo much, I haven't been able to get on Vox in ageeeessss 'cos my college comp wont let me, but thank you for letting this be the first thing I see!!!


cute nino!!!!!!!!!!


niannarashi: (aiba)

this time I tried a different uh approach for this gifs ><v   let me know what you think...

902       903       904

905       905       906

908       909       910

911       912       913

914       915       916

917       918       919

920       921       922

923       924       925


as usual, you're free to use them ><v


[this is good]
Love this! :)



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