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and now for our periodical 'I'm not dead yet' post XDD

had to avoid the temptation of listening to the album songs before mine arrived *except for the PV of course* and surprisingly I managed even w/ ppl saying how good it was over and over on twitter

to be honest I liked it a lot

much better than the prev one

I think my fave solo is Aiba's OO I know, I know, Nino's is genius as usual, but I end up feeling a bit sad and kinda lonely after hearing it :/ *still don't know what THE MOM thinks about it*


sooo I read the rumour thing about Jun's butai... a boxer?! really? *blinks in disbelief*

I'm sorry I just can't picture him as one XD;; *hides*

oh and a fall drama for Shosus, right? I just hope the story is good I haven't watched dramas in a while *stuck in ep 4 of Jin 2* instead, I've been watching Horrible Histories *I'm sorry but it is soooo good, sometimes I only have the eps playing in the back XD*

I also started to watch Band of Brothers :) and uh Damian Lewis is in there, which made me wanna watch the Forsyte sag again and... well, I am XD;;  *I think I may have a thing for Soames oO*

oh oh I got a good reads account, so if anyone wants to add me or something here

I got a bit frustrated cuz sometimes when I check an author and found like a ton of stuff I haven't read and then look for the books on the uh local bookstores and most of the time they don't have them ._. *sigh* I know I can get them for the ipad but my eyes get tired :(

boo hoo

well, nothing else

See ya!!

*considering trying to work on the rest of the strips cuz apparently ppl miss them XD;;*


Apr. 12th, 2011 11:08 pm
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I’m glad ppl enjoyed the strip, even when I’m out of practice XD;;


not really important )


let’s try to cheer up w/the last Kaibutsustrip :D YAAAY!! *won’t be doing one about the SP because I’m just that lazy I already started the Natsuniji ones*



err since the cap would only come off when he figured how to defeat Demokin... does that mean he wasn't able to wash his hair? >< eww


soo, how’s everyone? I hope better than me

See ya!!

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I'm dling last VSA because to be honest I don't watch shows live anymore, except dramas *bad Nianna! bad Nianna!*

anyway, as I said I've been working on new strips *coughre-watchingdramascough* poor me, I suffer and suffer XD and I have also been thinking about the 2 days thing...

now, I usually get now and then someone who wants to read past strips and I have to put my mean face and say sorry, and afterwards I feel horrible because well, they ask really nicely and all that

I understand it's not always possible to check stuff in two days and I don't really have and schedule so ppl don't know when I'm gonna post *I don't even know either XD;;* 

therefore I thought that I could give another try and leave them open like it used to be *like the old times *sniff**

that said

Demokin's adventures in Narnia!! XD  *I'd watch that*

so I'm just asking to NOT REPOST

pretty please?

also comments are appreciated

guess that's it, hope everyone is ok

See ya!!

btw [ profile] satosuki  I've been dling a bunch of Monkey Majik stuff and it's totally your fault :Db
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soooo jumped in the fundraiser bandwagon at [ profile] arashi_on

as you know I can only offer fanart, so if you're interested my thread is here

thanks! :)

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so anyone else is excited about TS3??

I'm sure my tweeps are all tired of me... sorry

but I CAN'T WAIT!!! *runs in circles*

today we went to buy tickets and luckily the subbed ver is available there

I checked the prev days and only a few theaters got it and all are too far away from where I live D:

so after that, we went to see the toys and no sign of Masapea plushie D:

but there's an AWESOME and expensive Buzz!!!

so I went all... well, all fangirly and flaily *is that a word? oO* and I'm sure everyone in the store saw me

I bet he can flyyyyy!!! or fall w/style, I guess it depends on how beyond he wants to go X3 *bro facepalms*

therefore if I can't find the Masapea I'll gather enough money to buy it :Db

and *cough* I want a Woody too *shrugs* what can I say? I love both

so I was singing the songs most part of the day both spanish and english ver XDD;;; and I'm learning the japanese ne but I sound dumb cuz of the timing I guess *I'll post it tomorrow*

and and and

my fave part is *You're a BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!*

I'll probably said that at the store... I was too excited

sooo who is/are your fave chars? mine are Woody, Buzz, Rex and the aliens *and Masapea & cia but I haven't see them in action XDD;;;*



See ya!!!

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so still on Disney mode :D

now after listening for uh I don't know how many times to Aladdin, The Aristocats, Jungle Book, Mulan and some covers of other songs...

hey you,  where is Hakuna Matata?! WHERE IS IT??!!

*GASP* OMG! self, this is MAJOR FAIL OO

I know -_- I still don't know why I'm stuck with you...

so I got it and I remembered that I uh *cough* I... kinda... had a thing for Adult Simba's voice in that song... *creepski I know*



...I still like it a lot *hides*

now, I went all curious because I'm familiar just with the spanish *latin american that is* and the english version but I hadn't heard other versions *except for the multi-track but that doesn't count*
so I went on a Hakuna Matata spree and uh wanted to listen to uh *coughSimba'svoicecough* errr this is really embarrassing *hides*

so I ah have pretty much all the versions I could find on yt XD;;  *btw the french version of Simba cub's voice is super cute <3*

well someone commented that Timon's voice is hot... oO

so I have to ask because well... it's Timon!

Hakuna Matata *spanish*

Hakuna Matata *japanese*

Hakuna Matata *french*

oh and I'm learning the japanese version *still have a bit of trouble w/ Pumbaa's story XD;;* 

and theeeen I went for Tarzan and I remembered I have Sakamoto's ver of *You'll be in my heart* that I thought it was just a cover but nooooo he sang the songs for the movie *facepalm*


I knoow, I knoow, JE FAIL

anyway, I ripped those too :D  plus the french and german versions

*and I watched it yesterday :D*

after that, there was this link to Kiss the girl japanese ver which is lovely!! and uh I realized I hadn't listened to the english ver yet *facepalm*


ok, I grew up with the spanish ver ok? it's completetly understandable!! ..right? right?!

aha, yeah

so I listened to it and err for once I prefer other versions

Kiss the girl *spanish*

Kiss the girl *japanese*

Kiss the girl *french*

something fun is that uh my bro used to go w/my cousins to this kinda boy scouts thing and he said that one time one of the older guys just started to sing the *shalalalalalala* part and soon all the guys were singing the song XDD pity there's no footage
oh oh and I was checking this Disney cover site and there was this cool vid, love it!

so yeah still on Disney mode

if you have suggestions for stuff I should listen to... :3

See ya!


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ahh opened a formspring account

so if you want to ask me something you can do it here!! *and it's anonymous so yay!! :D*

Stuff you always wanted to know or something like that XDD

...short PV

spelling supervised by Aiba-chan of course!!! XDD  *if you don't know what I'm talking about you'll know soon*

not much, been watching olympics again XD;;

See ya!!! 
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I ripped this a while ago from the Suppin Con but [profile] inuhariko asked me to share and since I already ul them, why not share with the rest???

Midnight Train

also she asked for this one too

I'm sorry I don't know the real title but the end is priceless  It's Yuki Guni and the end is STILL priceless


comments are welcome


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